Thoughts Over The Afternoon’s Margarita: Are Derek’s Girlfriends His Snitches?

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For someone who’s got the personality of a prison warden, Derek Hay has a lot of girlfriends who come and go through revolving doors. I’m thinking that said girlfriends are Derek’s snitches.

It’s a mutual ball and chain relationship. Derek pimps them out. Derek now has something on them, and this keeps the girls from ratting Derek out [unless he’s protected] when it’s time to move on. And who better to be on the inside than a porn chick?

The more I’m thinking about the Derek Hay conspiracy the more I’m loving it. I also believe Derek Hay is either a federal snitch or has local cops on the take. How else do you explain the diplomatic immunity he’s enjoyed from the law for these many years.

Hay was a suspected associate of LA madam Michelle Braun who employed many porn stars in her stable. Braun went down on racketeering charges. Heidi Fleiss pre-dates Derek so nothing there.

Now, all of a sudden, Derek, who is ostensibly the new Michelle Braun, is throwing madam Pamela Peaks under the bus in charges and counter charges in a case involving Natalia Starr and Natasha Starr who want out of their LA Models contract.

Here’s something I hadn’t thought of. Porno Dan has been having hassles in this whole Cal-OSHA condom-thing, right? And even Michael Weinstein said someone on the inside [meaning Porno Dan’s circle] ratted him out. Could that someone either be Mack The Knife or Derek? After all, isn’t Derek usually the party favor when Dan hires girls to do $500 scenes?

And now Monica Foster sends me this: Yesterday on Rob’s show he was talking about an email regarding Derek Hay having a new girlfriend since the previous one Tasha Reign.

The email mentioned Teal Conrad [pictured] so I looked at her twitter and I saw the attached photos which I emailed Rob.

Also take a look at this video which is from teal conrad to her “lesbian lover” natalia starr.

Attached is a screen shot as to when it was posted on twitter (June 13th)

June 13th is the same day I received an email from the source who was feeding me information in regards to the Nanula/ Samantha Saint situation of which they mentioned attorney Alan Gelbard.

(I have it posted here)

If I had to guess, Teal was sent in to spy on Natalia for Derek.

All the information that was fed to my by the source was set up to implicate HaveUBookHer, Jack Spade, Trinity St. Clair and when I really think about it, Shy Love – because Shy Love would have been Samantha Saint’s representation when those Nanula photos/video was taken.

Ashley from HaveUBookHer said that the writing pattern of the emails was along the lines of Dave (Karen/Adonia’s husband).

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