Thoughts Over The Afternoon’s Margarita: John Stagliano, Plain and Simply, is a Cheating Scoundrel

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Disregard the fact that John Stagliano failed to inform talent working with him in the Stretch Class series that he was HIV positive.

If you have any sense of human decency, the fact that Stagliano cheats on his wife and children ought to give you some indication as to his true character. Stagliano at best is a scoundrel, at worst he may be broke after all the Stretch Class lawsuits hit him.

Another thing Rob Black was getting on during his Friday night show, is how Stagliano was blatantly having an affair with porn talent Sheena Shaw.

Now, whether Karen Stagliano was aware of this or not, is another issue. But from all the things I’ve heard, she’s an enabler, is in it for the money, and, like Hillary Clinton, gives Stagliano a green light to have his little peccadilloes.

“You guys are putting your lives on the line and you have people like Diane Duke, Derek Hay and John Stagliano lying and putting your lives on the line,” stated Black.

Granted, said Black, he’s bringing a lot of unpopular news to the fore these days- two syphilis cases and two cover-ups and a porn economy that’s “sinking faster than a rock in a swimming pool.”

“You got talent being escorts in an environment where everybody pays for sex. Instead of getting someone off the street completely full of AIDS you can get a porn star not yet full of AIDS.

“It’s come down to an all out war protecting your health. Two syphilis cases, two cover ups. What happens when HIV hits [again] because you know it’s coming? Who knows if it’s not already here?

Black observed that Stagliano probably has his own “little harem of HIV girls” pumped with medicine and fooling their tests.

“Who the fuck knows?” he asked.

“This is a guy who cheats on his wife. They had kids which I guess don’t have HIV thanks to the miracle of medicine. But I would assume the creation they make would have HIV, but I guess with medicine the HIV is dead in your body and when you create a child it doesn’t have HIV. [The Staglianos have stated their children don’t have HIV.]

“I don’t know but that’s kind of neat,” said Black.

“If I have HIV, and a girl has HIV and we take the medicines where our viral load is lowered- my blood, her blood and our makeup and our DNA even with medicines tricking a test, I thought you would still have HIV. But I guess I’m wrong. I guess HIV doesn’t get into the fusion of making a child.

“Can you tell me how if an HIV man and an HIV woman procreate, how do you explain that not one but two children they procreate don’t have HIV?

“I still think it’s shitty that if you have a disease you can only have sex with that other person who has a disease and you can have sex without condoms.

“I’m trying to fathom the shittiness of cheating on that girl with another HIV girl. If I had HIV I would be going to HIV parties and swingers parties. You know they have them. I would be looking for a mate. But how can you cheat on your HIV wife- not with an HIV adulterer- but with a talent from our business- an active worker? I don’t know what she [Sheena Shaw] did with Stagliano, but I got to figure that got into some form of risky behavior and that woman in turn worked in the talent pool.

“Jphn Stagliano is going to get hung for Katie Summers,” Black predicted.

“Then he’s going to get hung by other girls who are waiting in the wings. Then you’ll see more and more people speaking about the corruption of this business. Kristina Rose holds the secrets. You laugh. She was a Spiegler girl. She was in the middle of the Marcus-syphilis outbreak.

“She was one of the Spiegler girls that is not performing with guys, not at all, or has just finished with the business. She has gone on tirades about Mr. Marcus. She still cams. She still dances, and she’s still that performer that was the queen of dirty girls.

“She gets involved in the syphilis outbreak of Marcus, vanishes and retires. She’s the key to this whole thing. She will tell you who was involved in the cover-up and when that happens, it’s over. One day she will talk about what the fuck happened. The corruption is done and when you see what’s coming down next week you’re so beyond done. The UAWA is coming in full force.

“I’ve been ridiculed, made fun of and been called a liar, but more and more people are saying that I’m right and it sucks telling them that.”

Black said a big dose of reality is going to be handed out.

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