Thoughts Over the Afternoon’s Margarita: Just As I Told You, Izzy Hall is a Religious Crusader

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Earlier this month I wrote a thought piece on Assemblyman Isadore Hall and examined some of his motives based on observations Julie Meadows made when she was a guest on James Bartholet’s Internet show.

Meadows has been to the Sacramento assembly meetings, but she notes that at one of those, Hall began acting like someone with an overactive thyroid.

Meadows described Hall thusly: “Isadore Hall was sitting right next to Alana Evans who’s been a performer in this industry for 15 years, speaking her mind, saying exactly what she thinks of a condom mandate, and he looked like he was having a seizure; he’s having such a physical reaction. His head was bobbing all over the place. His body was writhing. He was just so overemotional.”

Meadows said she couldn’t speculate if Hall is anti-porn, but his reactions she said were very much what you would expect from Shelly Lubben.

I, in turn, wrote the following:

“Hall, who nobody even heard of until a couple of months ago, is on this hell-bent crusade to make AB 332 a reality, and you got to wonder why. Does Hall, who hardly sounds like a kingmaker, have this kind of juice to make the California capital play hardball with Big Porn?

“Is it a coincidence that Hall comes out of nowhere to become the Sir Lancelot of Michael Weinstein and the AHF’s round table? I don’t think so.

“Hall, from the sounds of it was going all Pentacostal at the hearing on AB 332 and Meadows said he was exhibiting behavior you might expect from Shelly Lubben. What we might have on our hands is a male Shelly Lubben who’s so prickly on the subject of porn that he behaves like a heroin addict around it. That’s one possibility.

“You got to figure Weinstein was smart enough to scout out the terrain, and that Hall was hand picked for a reason. Maybe Hall has deep-seated porn love/hate issues of his own and is reacting in kind or maybe he’s simply a nutjob, like Lubben, who knows?”

Of course, for my speculations, I was promptly flogged by the Grand Dragon of the Georgia Ku Klux Klan, none other than Mike South, for uttering such gibberish.

However, in a piece Gram Ponante writes on Mr Ponante observes the following:

“Isadore Hall III (D—Compton) is the main author of AB332 and he was joined on the dais April 24 by AHF’s Michael Weinstein, which would have been like Halliburton chief David Lesar accompanying George W. Bush on his ‘Mission Accomplished’ trip.

“Hall holds degrees from the University of Phoenix and USC as well as two doctorates from the Next Dimension Bible College in Rancho Cucamonga, California, a school dedicated to recruiting God’s Generals to the Godmosphere in the End-Times Paradigm. You can look it up.

Its mission:

Conventional wisdom is no longer the “rule of thumb,” for God is doing a new thing in the earth realm (Isaiah 43:18-19). It is not a revival, because the church is not dead nor “flat lined”. She is simply, comatose or zombied. She is a typology of “Sleeping Beauty” (of the fairy tales) of which a spell has been cast upon her, if you will. She is analogous to the “RIP Van Winkle” syndrome within which he slept through his purpose-missing his season instead of moving into his Destiny. He dreamt his life away-asleep, amidst his “days of purpose”. Next Dimension Ministries is a heavenly venue that is poised to embrace and assist in the facilitation of God’s End-Time plan in the earth realm.

Mr. Ponante goes on to say, “Hall’s motivation to be the legislative sponsor of AB332 is unclear.”

On the contrary. I would think it’s becoming clearer by the minute.

If you want to get the real dope on what’s happening and not get your information from dopes, read

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