Thoughts Over The Afternoon’s Margarita: Looks Like Donny Long is Going to Go Clint Eastwood

In the years I’ve been in the porn business I’ve learned a couple of things. Porn performers will generally lie. Attorneys and company owners will grossly exaggerate, and anyone who tells you they “know for a fact that…” something is true is immediately suspect.

Several years ago Skeeter Kerkove told me he had “tapes” proving that accusations he was making about agent Mark Spiegler were verifiable. I believed Skeeter. Wrong decision.

And so I wound up in a Beverly Hills attorney’s office giving a deposition. Those tapes never surfaced, by the way, and Skeeter got sued by Spiegler and had to cough up over $85K.

Over this weekend I received a number of e-mails from Donny Long including a few updates which I haven’t as yet posted. Essentially, Donny tells me he’s going to go Clint Eastwood on the people who’ve given him grief over PornWikiLeaks.

Donny, perhaps rightly so, has major bugs up his ass about Spiegler, Mike South, Derek Hay, Sean Tompkins, Christian XXX and whoever else, whereas I do not, although I’ve always enjoyed Clint Eastwood films.

I like my quiet, retired life of cantinas and not finding threatening voicemail messages in my absence. I also learned a long time ago that being a porn Don Quixote and fighting the battles of others puts no extra money in my pocket.

I will post Donny’s emails in due course although there will have to be some redactions and edits.

Amusingly, Donny, who must have also attended law school, assures me that I can post those comments and links with no fear of reprisals since they’re coming from him. I don’t know how many depositions Donny has attended, but one is enough for me.

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