Thoughts Over the Afternoon’s Margarita; Maybe There’s a Reason Stuart Waldman is so Pro Adult

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Rob Black was up and down Stuart Waldman’s [pictured left] spine on his Monday show. Waldman, who heads up an organization called VICA, the Valley Industry & Commerce Association, has been giving industry stats to the mainstream press which one might argue are loaded with Seka math and other quaint hyperbole.

Nothing Waldman says is making any sense as Black has been pointing out, but the fact that Waldman’s been championing porn with exaggerations and distortions makes more sense if you take into consideration Fabian Thylmann’s [pictured right] disappearance from the porn scene.

Thylmann, who heads up Manwin, was arrested over the Christmas holidays by authorities and faces a number of charges that include tax evasion and money laundering. From that point on, Thylmann’s whereabouts have been a mystery. Until now.

Fabian, at least in my opinion, has been masquerading as Stuart Waldman. Which is a great cover when you stop and think about it. The German hierarchy, during WWII, had experience sneaking into Argentina and assuming new identities, so why wouldn’t this stand to reason?

Instead of being reviled and hailed as the guy who single-handedly destroyed the porn industry for his own personal gain, you retain control of the industry under a new identity and get to work your magic on the back end.

It’s just a thought, but compare the two photos to see what I’m talking about.

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