Thoughts Over The Afternoon’s Margarita: More Questions About Samantha Saint’s Role in L’Affair Nanula

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Three months before she became an exclusive Wicked Contract girl, Samantha Saint shot content for Trinity St. Clair’s website. Or so she claims. According to Saint, she was paid $1200 and had no idea at the time who Richard Nanula was. Depending who you believe between $5,000 to $6,000 exchanged hands. So who got the other $3800 to $4800? Was it Trnity St. Clair? Who?

Rob Black contends that it was a shakedown scam from the beginning. That’s possible. But I’m wondering if Nanula was a victim of the escort wars going on in the business. Think about it. St. Clair puts this scene up on her website. Next thing you know, gets wind of it.

I’m thinking either someone on the outside recognized Nanula – and I would still find it hard to believe that a high powered executive with so much to lose would allow a scene to go public- and the tipster reported the fact to; or a competing escort site ratted Nanula out.

Paraphrasing the film Casablanca, of all the porn sites in all the world just walked into St. Clair’s site? Someone tipped them off. Or was it St. Clair herself in a shakedown as Black thinks?

If you subscribe to the Rob Black theory, Nanula was approached with alternatives- either pony up more money or the scene goes public. Here’s how that would have to happen. Saint, if innocent, is told it’s a content shoot and agrees to do it.

Nanula is told by St. Clair there’s no film in the camera, and it’s all for Saint’s benefit because she wouldn’t do the scene otherwise. But there’s film in the camera. Nanula is double-crossed and who is the cameraman, by the way? St. Clair? Jack Spade? The man in the moon?

If you subscribe to the escort wars theory, Saint says this: “I’ve been asked plenty of times—if you ask any of the people that run escorting agencies, [they will say,] ‘Yeah, we’ve been trying to get Samantha.’ Why would I say yes to this guy? And why for only $1,200? That makes no sense.”

Assuming Saint is telling the truth, which I doubt, and St. Clair runs the scene on her website, can we assume that someone is jealous that Saint worked for St. Clair in an escort capacity and did the ratting out? Two suspects emerge in this scenario- if I’m permitted a Rob Blackism- Karen Macedonia of The Luxury Company or Ashley Erickson who operates

If this were a legitimate content shoot as Saint claims, that might not have happened. But if it was the shakedown as Rob Black says, then we’ve got legitimate suspects all over the place.

According to the AVN story today, St. Clair has refrained from comment on the matter.

If St. Clair were innocent, she would have stepped forth by now; and I hate to keep bringing it up, but James Bartholet is the wild card in this scenario.

St. Clair is Bartholet’s PR client, and you’d think Bartholet would have put out some kind of statement- at least to take the heat off his client. No such thing so far. Again, I mention, Bartholet because he’s Mr. Hollywood with all kinds of connections. Was one of them Richard Nanula? Just asking.

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