Thoughts Over The Afternoon’s Margarita: The Rob Black Primer

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Rob Black has been on the air now for two weeks During that short period of time he’s taken the adult industry to school. In case you’re ducked class and want to catch up, here’s a Cliff Notes summary to bring you up to speed.

First off, the link to Rob’s show, which airs Monday to Friday at 3pm, changes everyday. In order to hear Friday’s broadcast, go to

Just note that the links change to coincide with the date of the show so Monday’s will read 4/15.

Here are some of the running stories:

– the soundbytes you’ve been hearing during the show are excerpts from Jimmy Hoffa interviews, or Joe Pesce going bonkers during Goodfellas and Casino

– Rob would like to see LA Direct’s Derek Hay wind up in a hole in the Nevada desert. Hay apparently left a threatening voicemail with Rob and said he was coming to visit him at his “pokey little apartment”

– Rob is of the opinion that all industry agents are pimps and is surprised no one from authority has stepped in to crack down on the escorting.

– Rob has professed love to Kelly Shibari and has offered to take her to Starbucks and back to his apartment to shoot her for cellphone content

– Rob thinks Andy San Dimas is the best performer currently working in the business and is conniving to get her back to his apartment to shoot cellphone content

– Rob would also like to shoot cell phone content with Allie Haze and will mention her name gratuitously throughout his broadcasts.

– Rob in plain simple language has addressed the issue of the adult industry’s thinking to move out of California and why it’s not going to happen and can’t happen

– For two solid days Rob went off on Brooklyn Lee because she called Lizzy Borden riff-raff and said that Rob had flunked out of porn. Rob stopped his onslaught when Borden told him enough was enough. Summing it up, Black called out Lee for working in Dubai and that she was an international hooker.

– Rob’s contention is that Manwin are terrorists [“look up the definition,” he keeps urging listeners] and money launderers and anyone who does business with them, i.e., Hugh Hefner and Playboy, are in bed with terrorists.

– Rob is of the opinion that the adult industry needs new leadership and has challenged “feminists” Dana DeArmond, Jacky St. James, Nica Noelle and others to step to the plate and be the new voices of reason

– Rob concedes that Free Speech is a right wing Republican organization, and, as it operates, will never change for the better simply because there’ no oversight committee to call it on its bullshit. Rob says it’s up to the performers and other workers in the business to start a new organization

– Rob’s main bone of contention the past two weeks has been with Vivid’s Steve Hirsch. Hirsch, according to Rob, tried to put him out of business with the mandate that Black go condom or else. Since then it’s been gloves off. Black has systematically attacked Hirsch on all fronts, from his pending divorce with Laurie Hirsch and her North Vietnamese lawyer boyfriend to Hirsch’s son by Ginger Lynn who Black contends Hirsch wants no part of.

Black also believes that Hirsch weaned Farrah Abraham from the time she was a patient in Dr. Drew Pinsky’s clinic, of which Hirsch is a suspected part owner, to do porn. Worse yet, says Black, Hirsch has offered porn jobs to Casey Anthony who was on trial for killing her child. Black has warned James Deen to stay away from Hirsch for his part in the Farrah Abraham sex tape and the fact that Hirsch would hire a child killer.

Black also revealed that Hirsch who’s assuming the mantle of industry leader offered Mr. Marcus a job to direct movies for Vivid thus proving that he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

– There’s certainly no love lost between Black and John Stagliano. Black’s ex-girlfriend, Trisha Deveraux is now married to Stagliano, but Black’s dislike for Stagliano is more deep-seated than that because Stagliano has ridiculed Black’s product in public forums.

Black also points out that Stagliano, who acquired HIV in Brazil, continues to work with performers without telling them of his condition. Black’s latest binge is about how Stagliano worked with Kelly Divine and engaged in what could be constituted as unsafe practices.

– Black has no use for industry attorneys Jeffrey Douglas and Allan Gelbard. Gelbard, says, Black used to drive the van for Shane’s World, enough said, and that Douglas ought to be taking over that task for what little he’s contributed to the adult industry.

– On his 4/9/2013 show, Black took Tasha Reign to the woodshed for the “stupid comments” she made in an article she wrote for OC Weekly

– When Christy Canyon wrote an email that was published by Mike South calling Black essentially a crackhead who was jealous of Steve Hirsch, Black spent the better part of his show describing how Canyon consorts with known gangsters and shakedown artists

– The best case of all on the condom argument was made by Black who devoted a portion of his show to point out that Wicked Pictures continues to do well in spite of condoms and that Wicked contract performer Jessica Drake, who works with condoms, is regarded as one of the top performers in the industry.

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