Thoughts Over The Afternoon’s Margarita: What Is It With Isadore Hall?

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Will someone please tell Diane Duke that the deck is stacked, the cards are marked and the dice are loaded?

If Duke hasn’t seen the handwriting on the wall that it’s all over, let me spell it out for you. And, actually it was Julie Meadows’ observations on James Bartholet’s show Wednesday night that convinced me of my suspicions about assemblyman Isadore Hall.

[I think Lexington Steele would be an excellent choice to play Hall in the porn parody, by the way.]

Hall, who nobody even heard of until a couple of months ago, is on this hell-bent crusade to make AB 332 a reality, and you got to wonder why. Does Hall, who hardly sounds like a kingmaker, have this kind of juice to make the California capital play hardball with Big Porn?

I guess XXX’s argument about its economic viability to Los Angeles doesn’t carry much weight in Sacramento which I’m told is a pustule of sexual activity once the politicos cut loose in the local bars after hours.

Is it a coincidence that Hall comes out of nowhere to become the Sir Lancelot of Michael Weinstein and the AHF’s round table? I don’t think so.

Hall, from the sounds of it was going all Pentacostal at the hearing on AB 332 and Meadows said he was exhibiting behavior you might expect from Shelly Lubben. What we might have on our hands is a male Shelly Lubben who’s so prickly on the subject of porn that he behaves like a heroin addict around it. That’s one possibility.

You got to figure Weinstein was smart enough to scout out the terrain, and that Hall was hand picked for a reason. Maybe Hall has deep-seated porn love/hate issues of his own and is reacting in kind or maybe he’s simply a nutjob, like Lubben, who knows?

Then it wouldn’t surprise me that Lubben, who’s been one of Weinstein’s kids from Day 1 might have tipped off Weinstein that there was someone quite sympathetic to their cause.

The other possibility- and I’m only speculating- is that Hall and AHF share something very much in common. Like Magic Johnson? Maybe a desire to wear loafers, perhaps? Gasp. I know. I know. I’m going all Rob Black here, and it’s only speculation, but birds of a feather do have a tendency of flocking together.

Somewhere in these musings I know I’m hitting the nail on the head. Otherwise, Weinstein might have simply recruited Hall the old fashioned way. He bought him.

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