Thoughts Over The Afternoon’s Margarita: XBiz Now Promoting Free Sites

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True story, swear to God. Last year Christian Mann, and Evil Angel stopped advertising with me.

I didn’t have to have a reason. I knew. When Mann first began taking a banner he clearly stated to me that Evil Angel isn’t that kind of company that would censure anything I wrote about them.

So much for truth in lending. I began hearing rumors that Evil Angel was bought out by Manwin. Then I began seeing Evil Angel ads running on Manwin-owned tube sites. I put two and two together.

Assuming that maybe the Manwin rumors were true, I called Mann but he never returned my calls. Then, again, Christian Mann isn’t known for returning phone calls. So I wrote a story, adding that Christian Mann hadn’t returned my calls to comment on the story.

Next thing I know Mann is pulling his ad. Let me mention that part of the deal was an Evil Angel skin appearing on the archive pages. A couple of weeks ago, after all the John Stagliano stories had been appearing about the compromised series, Stretch Class, I get an email from Evil Angel’s Canadian webmaster requesting that those banners be taken down.

Truth is, I forgot they were up there, but now that I know what Stretch Class is all about I wouldn’t want the advertising anyway. Call me idealistic in my old age.

In my last conversation with Mann he gave me the spin that, yes, Evil Angel was advertising on free sites but for the reasons that were put out this week by XBiz in an article written by AJ Hall.

I’m a dumb bunny. I don’t know who Hall is, but it’s explained that he heads up a company that provides software for the online adult entertainment industry. Oh, by the way, Hall’s company Elevated X Inc won the 2012 XBIZ Award for Software Company of the Year. Now I’m beginning to see the connection.

I don’t know what your thoughts are about piracy and how tube sites have killed the business, but this article is a permission slip to look the other way and accept the fact that tube sites are here with us to stay.

Last time I checked, guys like Nate Glass equated tubes sites with piracy, but here is XBiz publishing an article saying yeah, it’s okay to be in bed with and complicit with pirates because these guys have the traffic you need. I’m not shitting you. This is the substance of the article.

Hall concedes one point, “The controversy surrounding tubes and what to do about them has paralyzed a number of adult entertainment businesses.”

Paralyzed is a good word especially if you equate paralysis with being dead on arrival.

Hall says he has customers who refuse to work with tube sites, which I figured everyone in this business would be doing. Hall, however says its “craziness” to take that approach.

Here, basically, is a guy being given a forum on XBiz telling you to surrender to the enemy.

“Pride is a good thing and I respect people for standing behind their principles … but it’s not going to keep anyone warm at night,” says Hall.

More rationale for being a sellout.

Hall goes on to talk about how traffic and more sales is a good idea to be in bed with scum. I’m not making this up.

Here’s one I love. Hall states, “A couple weeks prior to this article I spoke at length with a senior-level manager in charge of several of the highest traffic tube sites online. He told me they actually prefer it when content producers submit videos themselves than when full length movies are submitted illegally.”

You have to think about that for a second. Is Hall saying that companies voluntarily submit content to pirate sites?

Then, in the same breath Hall says, “I despise piracy. I’m not a fan of the way that free tubes have devalued adult content. It’s hurt my customers and it’s hurt my business too.”

Okay. That should wrap it up, but Hall adds, “Where I stand on things doesn’t really matter though.”

Mr. Hall, in that sentence you told me your article is bullshit and pointless and for you to tell people in this industry they’re better off Red than dead tells me you’re a Communist on the Manwin payroll.

Read this malarkey for yourself and tell me what you think of it.

I’m disgusted with XBiz for giving a forum to this pablum.


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