Thoughts Over the Afternoon’s Margarita- Rob Black Has Raised the Bar on Internet Shows

Here’s why Rob Black has made it pretty impossible for anyone in the adult business to have an Internet show. Rebecca Bardoux follows Black Friday nights on

Bardoux, who’s a very good interviewer, tries to have at least one guest on a week from the business. Friday she had on Elizabeth Starr. Starr, who I’ve interviewed in the past is a terrific lady with very big tits.

Knowing that Starr was on the show, I tuned in to see if she was going to talk shit about her ex husband/boyfriend, the “other” Tommy Gunn. Starr on her Twitter has called Gunn, who evidently shacked up with another woman in the business, Kasey Storm, a bigamist and a serial sex predator. I wanted to see if Starr would embellish. She didn’t. She talked about her “projects.”

After listening to Rob Black for two hours, I wasn’t in the mood to hear about projects. Even if the lady who’s discussing them has, well, big tits.

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