Thoughts Over the Afternoon’s Second Margarita: A Lot of Unanswered Questions Involving the Marc Wallice Time Line

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The Other Hollywood by Legs McNeil and Jennifer Osborne is a very enlightening and informative book about the porn industry which probably many of you haven’t read. It’s an oral history which means it’s quote after quote after quote, stark and devoid of verbal salad dressing and a linking narrative to put it all together. But for that reason, too, it’s a lot easier to find some damning pieces of evidence.

In stumbling across the fact that John Stagliano admits to sucking dick, I’ve come across a few other comments that demand to be reassessed after all these years involving Marc Wallice, Trisha Devereaux and Sharon Mitchell.

For one thing, Devereaux [now Mrs. John Stagliano], states regarding the discovery that she was HIV: “Nobody knew where I got it.” That Devereaux got it from Wallice is her own conjecture which she elaborates upon in the book.

It was long speculated that Devereaux got it from Marc Wallice, but I still believe that Devereaux contracted HIV on the set of a Zane house party shoot in which she appears to be on drugs and is fucked by a number of fans- randomly you would agree- if you saw this movie. Were these guys all tested beforehand? I have reason to doubt that.

But Wallice makes this comment that gets you thinking: “I used to inject cocaine. About eight years ago [from the date Wallice was giving this interview] I used to shoot up with Sharon Mitchell and Barbara Holder, aka Aja. If I had it [HIV] then, they have it too.”

Mitchell who admits sharing needles with Wallice states: “I also realized that the last movie I did was with Marc Wallice- without a condom.”

If that comment doesn’t stop you in your tracks… now consider this. Mitchell who was already running AIM announced on April 30th, 1998 that Wallice had tested for HIV which means, for all intents and purposes, his performing career was over. Devereaux had tested positive January 7, 1998, three months earlier.

Now let’s look at the IMDB. It tells us that movies featuring Wallice were coming out until 2001 which leads you to believe there were more than a few “in the can” so to speak.

A look at Mitchell’s IMDB says that her last film came out in 2000 and was S.M.U.T. 16.

Everyone was of the opinion that Wallice had faked his test, but Mitchell said she looked at his tests and thought they were authentic, a fact that was also reported by Luke Ford. In the McNeil book, Wallice states: Sharon Mitchell checked the code number of the March 1998 ELISA test, and it checked out. She called the lab. It matched so it was not a faked test.”

Maybe the question needs to be asked here – was Mitchell covering for Wallice not because they were roommates, friends and drug buddies but because he might have given her the bug?

I’m just saying it’s a possibility because who was testing the tester?

Mitchell was running AIM, and, of course, no one would ask to see her tests, but she had movies coming out until 2000. I don’t know. You tell me.

Mitchell claims the last scene she ever did was with Wallice and was without a condom. Wallice says they shared needles and if he had given HIV to any one it would have been Mitchell. No condoms + needles. Also, according to what Mitchell says in the McNeil book, she never did anal.

Mitchell says: “I was a fanatic about using clean needles. I didn’t fuck a lot of people. And I didn’t fuck in the ass and all that.”

I think I got to challenge Mitchell on all those statements. One other interesting thing Mitchell says in this book: “Was Marc bisexual? Probably, yeah.”

Compare that to Stagliano’s admission that he’s bisexual, and you got to ask yourself, if he’s apparently hiding his HIV status from female performers in Stretch Class, how’s he any different than Wallice?

I’m looking at both IMDB lists and trying to find the movie that ties Mitchell and Wallice together. I’m trying to find the name of that movie and for which company it was shot, because, like I’ve said before, time lines reveal all the discrepancies in a story.

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