Thoughts Over The Evening’s Frangelico: Punkman Story is a Few Good Men with Pvt. Monica Santhiago

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True story. Swear to God. I had a breakfast meeting with Karen Stagliano at Jerry’s Deli in Woodland Hills a number of years ago. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what it was about, but one of her comments keeps ringing in my ears. She actually said this to me, “We [meaning Evil Angel] would advertise with you, but we’re afraid of Paul Fishbein.”

That told me a couple of things aside from the fact that the Staglianos are totally gutless. But let’s dwell on the gutless part.

I’ve told this story too often that I’m even tired of it. When the Buttman series first came out, the distributors loathed it. I gave it a great review and defended Stagliano for trying something new. Stagliano never thanked me for being in his corner. But even today when I talk to some of the old guard from the industry on Facebook their one recollection of Stagliano was that he was “arrogant.”

That’s why Stagliano aka “Punkman” had to start up his own company. He was a journeyman director for the likes of Bobby Hollander and Charley Brickman and had worn out his welcome among the porn gentry because he was “arrogant.”

I’m not making this up. Now, when Rob Black began talking about Stretch Class, I, like many of you, thought Rob was stretching the point. But, sonofagun, Rob Black won me over. Black kept hammering at the fact that Stagliano or Punkman was risking the health of talent by doing something that’s considered a felony in the state of California – by not informing them of his HIV status. In order to do that you’d have to be a total punk.

Today was the final straw. After I saw that screen capture of Stagliano, aka “Punkman” shoving his raw dick into the ass of Brazilian performer Monica Santhiago [pictured] in Stretch Class 1, I threw my hands up. How could anyone of even remote intelligence not see what this guy was doing? How? How is he getting away with this? Why is AVN letting him get away with this?

The side of me that likes a good story can also appreciate what Black was talking about the other day when he was comparing the Staglianos to the “arrogant” Jack Nicholson character in A Few Good Men.

And what was the squabble over in that film? The code red disciplining of Pvt. Santiago. Now we’ve got the code red disciplining of Monica Santhiago. And that’s the spelling. Wow, it’s almost too eerie to consider.

As worked up as I’m getting over this story, I thought about it from a father’s perspective. Suppose you had a daughter in porn, and a slime ball porn producer like Stagliano punked your little girl and shoved his dick in her ass, forgetting one minor detail to relay to her- that he was HIV positive. I’d bet you’d be pissed off.

I’d bet you’d even want to beat the shit out of Punkman and wipe that smirk off his face once and for all. So before you take up the cudgel of Stagliano, think of that father whose daughter has just been punked by Punkman.

I’m not advocating violence, but I’m advocating a class action lawsuit to put Evil Angel out of business. That might finally take the smug look off of Punkman John Stagliano.

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