Thoughts Over The Evening’s Frangelico; What Was Princess Donna Doing in Sacramento?

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This Memorial Day weekend, Diane Duke might as well be swimming in celebratory champagne cocktails. Whatever floats your boat. Because next week it starts all over. Michael Weinstein will be back on the attack which gets me thinking, considering some of the strange emails I’ve been receiving.

The fact that a vote on AB 332 happened over a Memorial Day weekend means Weinstein got the short shrift. Politicians, like school kids, feel the need to get out of class early. No one wants to be hanging around, doing things like seeing that laws are passed.

Years ago when as a young lad, I was in public relations involving lobbyists, and my late great mentor, David Ferguson, a high ranking exec for US Steel Corporation, took me for a tour around Washington D.C. and K Street. I’ll never forget what he told me. More deals were cut in BDSM clubs on K street than in Congress and the Senate, he told me. Then I thought of Princess Donna.

I’m still wondering what the fuck Princess Donna was doing in Sacramento for the last AB 332 conclave. No one from the porn business was going to speak, but there was Princess Donna, and there was what my late great mentor Dave Ferguson told me about politicians and BDSM lingering in my brain.

A man with an active imagination might tell you Princess Donna was there to give reach arounds, seminars on water boarding and perhaps a prostate massage here and there. I would of course dismiss this very idea as utter nonsense. But, still…

What the fuck was Princess Donna doing there in Sacramento? And then I weigh that against the demise of AB 332.

And how does Assemblyman Mike Gatto emerge in all of this? Never in all my years have I seen a press release put out where one politician [Isadore Hall] places another [Gatto] deep in the pockets of porn the way Hall did.

“He [Gatto] gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘money shot’,” said Hall.

Take that comment for what you will.

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