Thoughts Over The Evening’s Frangelico; Will Devils Film Be The Next Company Cited by Cal/OSHA?

If I were Michael Weinstein and I were planning an onslaught of Cal/OSHA violations I’d next go after the 50 Man Anal Cream Pie Gangbang directed by Jim Lane [pictured] for Devils Film.

For one thing, owner Nick Orlandino has a ton of cash and is ripe for Cal/OSHA pickins’. Figure $30,000 per violation. That’s the norm. Nice pay day for the state of California.

Another thing. It’s a very high profile movie, in the news and dangerous as hell when you think about it because a full panel of tests were never required.

Besides, the movie is out and out illegal. It was shot in Porn Valley without condoms [territorially, the Valley comes under the condom edict]

Information, however, was put out that it was going down in Pasadena but it was shot in Reseda. Then, rocket scientist that Lane is, he put a group shot on Twitter so you’d have an idea of who participated in this travesty of art.

Conceptually, 50 guys or “mopes” took turns dumping their seminal loads in the anxious orifice of Jennifer White. One guy after another, their dicks swimming in a bleached pool of who knows what contagion taking turns. Even a homeless guy took part, so if that idea isn’t enough to gag a maggot maybe Cal/OSHA can gain its composure enough to go after a company that flies in the face of authority.

All things considered, the era of shooting these kinds of movies is over. Weinstein is playing for keeps, and for Powers/Devils Film to schedule a movie like this in the middle of hepatitis, syphilis and HIV outbreaks shows as much sense as yelling “bomb” in an airport or pulling a gun in a class room.

I know the people involved and, frankly, none of them have the sense God gave them. This isn’t grade school fun and games any more, and porn companies are going to get bitch slapped with recurring frequency.

Once Cal/OSHA realizes this is shooting fish in a barrel and that the state of California stands to make a fortune in violations, they’re just going to keep coming and coming.

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