Thoughts Over The Evening’s Second Frangelico: Why Is It No One In This Business Has Medical Coverage?

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Think about it. The “adult business” is one of the great oxymorons of our generation. No one behaves like an adult, and no one acts responsibly like one when it comes to having basic things like medical coverage. Too expensive partying at Sardo’s I guess.

I hate to make this an example because I don’t know the guy, but a story on XBiz today states that Lisa Ann is setting up a donation page for “ailing friend and fellow porn star Lucas Stone, who suffered from a stroke earlier in the year.”

Stone, according to the story, is in recovery but struggling to pay medical bills. In turn Lisa Ann set up a page on to assist Stone in his recovery.

Furthermore the story says all money donated to Stone on will be used for physical therapy, medical supplies and equipment. Stone was the winner of the 2011 Urban X Award for Best Male Newcomer.

People are ridiculing Rob Black for setting up the UAWA, yet Black has always emphasized the need for health and medical care for performers.

I guess that should put an end to all the criticism right there, but once again porn fans are being asked to foot the bill for a performer who doesn’t have the medical coverage for his hospital bills.

I suppose if UAWA is given half a chance to succeed, then we wouldn’t be having these all too frequent stories. Too, I’m thinking in the context of other performers who’ve announced bogus ailments as a means to suck their fans dry. While I’m sure it’s different in Stone’s case, here’s the perfect example to underscore the need for an organization like the UAWA.

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