Thoughts Over the Imminent Noon Margarita: Why Has AVN Never Helped Store Owners?

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Paul Fishbein’s [pictured] ad collections were tantamount to a money grub. Fishbein from his lofty AVN perch used to preach how the industry should uphold the principles of Free Speech, fight the good fight, yadda, yadda.

Fishbein even created awards like the Joel A. Warner You’re a Swell Good Guy Award and other Free Speech nonsense to suck the cocks of those who went to bat for the industry.

Except, I may be hazy on the subject, but I don’t recall Fishbein ever reaching into his own pocket to help video store owners- his target audience- out of a jam. True, Fishbein used to make a big deal of donating proceeds to Free Speech, but we all know that money went toward the salaries of all the flunkies over there.

I’m only saying this now because a fellow Polk County store owner is in a jam and facing obscenity charges for selling adult videos.

Knowing that Florida is likely to be the next bus stop for the industry once AB 332 goes into effect, I think the business should set a good example by spreading some good cheer in the sunshine state.

In fact I think Fishbein and his compadre Darren Roberts who are still trying to glean money off the business in another capacity should be the first contributors. If you’re going to have a mouth, you should put your money there, I always say.

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