Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: A 2013 Tarot Reading at a Glance

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If you subscribe to numerology, one thing about the year 2013 is readily apparent. It’s a positive “6” year. [Just add up the numbers.]

The “6” is a number of reconciliation, union and love, but in a quick summation of forthcoming events, it also means that we’re likely to triumph over the adversities of the preceding year. The year we’re about to leave behind is a “5” in which struggles and frustrations have been readily apparent and often daunting. So, if you’re looking for changes and good things to happen, a “6” year should be positive news.

In a Tarot reading, the year coming up for porn is described by The Chariot in which only the strong survive. Those who’ve been vegetating and sitting on their collective asses realize it’s now a make or break situation for them. News comes at a fast and furious clip and new community leaders come to the fore.

Companies and agencies will be up for sale, and many in the adult community will be moving on to other phases of their lives. Picture a fire in a building and making a beeline towards the exits. I think that’s what we’re going to see in porn. The advice rendered by this card is that if you have projects on the back burner, move them to the front burner, especially if they involve revenue streams.

For Manwin the Eight of Cups in the reading tells us someone is getting out of Dodge. If I were to apply this card to Manwin in the states I would have to make an educated guess that their offices in Burbank will close.

Not to say that they won’t continue to have a presence in Canada or Europe, but I get the feeling that their Burbank facility has become a white elephant. Will Fabian be around much longer? From what I’m reading in the cards, his replacement is already being groomed, and Fabian will no longer be the “face” man of that organization.

How about the Measure B initiative? I don’t see anything coming of this, judging by the vibe of the Page of Pentacles. Measure B is a daunting, bureaucratic task even for the professional bureaucrats that make up LA County. There’s too many egos and too many people looking in the mirror at their own reflections to see any radical changes being made. The adult industry isn’t going anywhere, at least geographically.

For the Free Speech Coalition, the Moon rules which means this organization becomes more secretive. If performers, such as Amber Lynn, who’s running for a spot of the board feel disenfranchised, they’ve seen nothing yet.

Diane Duke will eventually be removed from her spot [though the cards told me this was happening a lot sooner] and be replaced by a “pater familias” whose personal interests and philosophies are more in keeping with the business. Duke is the example of what happens when you bring an outsider into the mix. It was a bad match all around.

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