Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Actually Rob Black Made Lizzy Borden a Star; Better Yet She Did It on Her Own

Typical of performers who’ve no idea of the history of this business, Brooklyn Lee, perhaps out of ignorance or maybe to be funny, just stepped into a pile of do-do of her own making.

In her attempts to make a point that Rob Black’s a piece of human excrement, Brooklyn Lee shit her own pants by not knowing or forgetting the lessons of history.

You’re supposed to learn from them. Granted, Miss Lee got world exposure for having her picture taken with Bill Clinton, but, dare I say, there’s been all kinds of speculation about what went into that photo op. Ahem. Then there was the time she got fucked in the ass at a treasured monument in Florida which got national attention. More class.

Granted, porn performers will do moronic things for attention, but Miss Lee, in her attempt to eviscerate Rob Black, totally stepped over the line. She attacked Lizzy Borden, a woman who basically has done nothing to warrant criticism except for the fact that she stood by her man. Just like the country western song.

Someone in the government must have been tone deaf, because, for that, Lizzy served time in federal prison. I’m not saying what Rob did in challenging the government was remotely smart, but the fact that Lizzy got dragged into a political crusade against porn was reprehensible on the part of Mary Beth Buchanan and others who deserve the karmic justice they’ll no doubt get. Lizzy Borden- fact- was the only woman in modern history to be convicted and serve time on an obscenity charge.

Where should I begin with the legacy of Lizzy Borden in this business? When I moved over from AVN [which was run by an equally reprehensible scumbag except, Miss Lee probably isn’t aware of that] to Extreme Associates, the first person I interviewed was Lizzy.

Unlike her screen persona and resultant name, Lizzy’s a gentle, mellow soul. True, she’s a little goofy and has a thing about serial killers; then again, I have this thing for young, pretty Japanese girls.

Lizzy, I’ll give her that, directed and came up with some pretty crazy, revolutionary ideas for porn movies. Lizzy, who’s made the cover of AVN, was an innovator, and Rob Black didn’t have to connive like a talent agent to land her that gig.

Lizzy spoke her own mind in interviews and was recognized for her accomplishments. That cover, incidentally, was about powerful women in the business. Then, again, I guess you can make the argument that being fucked in the ass publicly in Florida or having 75 clothes pins fixed to your face is the same thing.

Not trying to get personal or anything, but neither did Lizzy have to leech on to politicians or submit to cream pie gangbangs to get her acclaim.

And then there was the publicity Lizzy got by being this devious femme fatale character in the XPW venue which landed her on the cover of a number of wrestling magazines.

I think on one of them she’s pictured with George Clooney’s ex girlfriend Stacy Keibler. Miss Lee, I’m not sure whether you know Mr. Clooney but given the track record you’ve exhibited so far, I’m sure we’ll be seeing you along side of him in some TMZ story, the real near future.

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