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There’s so much that’s so wrong about the Cameron Bay HIV story. Rob Black on his show Monday night said he’s been talking to her and, according to what clinics and doctors have said, Bay’s viral load is very fresh and they’ll be able to pinpoint probably with great accuracy where she got it.

Now comes the troubling issue. Bay tested negative July 27th. She works for and with Xander Corvus July 31st.

Bay doesn’t work again until her next test which reveals that she’s HIV positive. Conclusion? She got it on the Kink set? Corvus is telling us he tested negative but the Center for Disease Control says this:

“A negative result doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have HIV.”

The CDC says it depends on the test you got and since the industry tests for antibodies, CDC is saying it may take a three month window to be conclusive about a test result. That’s really scary news.

So, in fact, Bay’s negative test on July 27th could have been a false reading and Corvus’ test last week which he reported the results to AVN could be a false reading as well. And, for all we know, Corvus may have been the one to infect Bay. At least if you go by what CDC is saying.

Another conclusion, and really the only one. You have to scrap the current testing system immediately. Rob Black is right. You need a central testing mechanism that is overseen by the state. Too much information is falling through the cracks and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. You saw that in the Mr. Marcus case. You saw that in the Clover case. You saw that in the Alex Gonz case and you saw what happened to Bay.

It’s like that Three Stooges episode where they’re doctors in a hospital.

On his show Monday night Black made a couple of interesting observations: that Evil Angel and are joined at the hip in a TS site and high profile talent such as Francesca Le [pictured], who directs for Evil Angel, are engaging in risky behavior on-screen.

Le, we pointed out over the weekend, does a non-condom scene in which she’s swapping semen between a TS performer and a crossover performer.

Those scenes are quite common in the Kink/Evil Angel collaboration.

On top of that, Black notes that literally hires people off the street [up to 40 in most cases] to be a part of the Public Disgrace series and that these untested masses are allow to finger penetrate and probe porn performers. Which is what happened to Bay in her Public Disgrace scene with Corvus.

If you subscribe to the notion that what John Stagliano is doing in Stretch Class is pushing your luck with the possibility of open wounds, then you have to follow Black’s reasoning as it applies to Public Disgrace.

“ is a happy hunting ground of HIV,” Black contends.

“Tomorrow [meaning Tuesday] we will find out if someone else has it.” Black was talking about Bay’s off screen boyfriend Rod Daily who tests today. Daily, who’s tested clean for over eight years while working on the gay side, is now shooting for

“All roads lead back to,” Black contends.

“HIV is in our business. It’s breeding at Every day you work without condoms is a day you play Russian Roulette. In the gay community they call it the Bug, and the Bug doesn’t give a shit where it goes. It doesn’t care if you’re a gay, a crossover, a trannie or straight- smarten the fuck up.”

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