Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: As Julie Meadows Has Just Learned The Adult Industry is All About the Sell Out

The inner workings of the adult industry are about the sellout and who’s going to barter you for the right price.

Like a car lot or divorce court, it’s about trading up on deals and which buddy is going to turn on you for a bigger and better one, and which [you thought] sturdy alliance will topple over like The World Trade Center. Stick around long enough, it will all happen.

I’ve got stories about betrayal that could set your ears on fire, but I was intrigued by what Julie Meadows had to say on her blog, this week, the article titled, APC4C’s Official Statement on the Stagliano Case?

Meadows used to write a column on Mike South’s page, but I guess Julie, like Julie Caesar, discovered what it’s like to get the knife stuck in you by someone you trusted.

And she reacts in kind with her fair share of pique. A lot of it has to do with condom use and Meadow’s affiliation with the Adult Performer’s Coalition for Choice.

When you’re older these things become mere pittance. Hell, I trusted some sex workers – hookers – and I couldn’t even trust them to show up for an appointment. Sooner or later you realize this is the way people are [especially in Los Angeles], and you’re better off in a hermit shack blending your next morning’s roast of coffee or you afternoon’s round of Margaritas.

Julie, welcome to the club of I’ve been fucked. By the way, did I ever tell you my AVN stories?

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