Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: At AdultFYI Katie is Our Lady

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Talk to anyone in the know. When it comes to the porn business, the LA Weekly has never been accused of knowing what it’s talking about. To wit: The Weekly last month ran an article about ten female performers in the industry who could be the next Jenna Jameson.

I read it. I laughed. Because any writer who covered the porn beat back in those days knows that Jenna was all smoke and mirrors, a manufactured product, sheltered and sequestered by the Wicked Pictures machine and spoon fed in small doses to the porn press. Sounds like Tom Cruise and Scientology.

In order to keep your job you pretty much had to write glowing articles about Jenna and you had to like all of Jenna’s movies. And that’s all there was to it.

I’ve said it before, but no one on the AVN staff when I was there, got it. We just went along for the ride and the paycheck. Because the Jenna Jameson you see now on TMZ, was pretty much the Jenna Jameson from back then. Except then, you only heard rumors about the tantrums, the vodka bottles and the prima ballerina folderol.

If a female performer today is getting any kind of notoriety, she’s more than likely securing the services of a PR agency. Nothing wrong with that, mind you.

That’s how Jameson became a star, except somewhere along the line the tendency after all the press releases is to start believing your own hype and, thus, turn into a bat out of hell. Show me a porn press agent who hasn’t created a Frankenstein, and I’ll show you a remarkably lousy porn press agent who’s never seen a horror movie. Which brings me to Katie Summers.

I met Summers several months ago. I liked her immensely- very pretty lady, just-plain-folks-attitude, the kind of woman you could have a beer with, a solid business sense, poise and a lot of smarts which are very much in evidence now that she and Nikki Charm have an Internet show.

Summers is certainly not prissy, and is, hence, up for a good time; and Summers answers to no talent agency and no one manipulates her.

To say I was astonished not to see Katie’s name on the LA Weekly list is to consider the source. If you know anything about what’s going on in porn, you know that Summers is a highly regarded commodity whose name adds incalculable value to a project [rumor has it she rules in the South Park porn parody] besides the fact that she has that Monroe aura when Monroe became Monroe.

Here’s hoping I’m around long enough to see Katie Summers fulfill her destiny to become, as they used to say in Old Hollywood, “This Year’s Blond,” Next Year’s Blond and so forth. If that’s the case, it couldn’t happen to a nicer individual.

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