Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Black’s Beef with Bill Margold Extends at Least to the John Leslie Wake

If you listened to Rob Black’s Internet broadcast Wednesday afternoon you could have compared it to a demented kid pulling the wings off a housefly.

For the first hour of his show, Black toyed and had his way with “Papa bear” Bill Margold, calling Margold his “bitch.” You wonder where all the hostility was coming from, but then you realized.

Margold apparently disrespected Black. Black was out of prison and was attending John Leslie’s funeral, out of respect, but also against his better judgment.

Black’s business partner Tom Byron convinced him to go, but Black didn’t want to face people he felt hated him. Black this week also related a story in which he had to get up before a crowd at AVN and publicly apologize like some little kid.

I can heartfully understand Black’s anger. I worked with and for the man a couple of years and can honestly tell you those were the best years I ever spent in this industry. Behind the bluster and the fractured vocabulary he’s a pretty decent guy.

But back to Wednesday’s broadcast. Black offered a challenge to Margold to debate. Margold accepted and made a couple of stipulations including a date for it, April 15th. Black pretty much said you don’t give him stipulations and so went off on “Papa Bear.”

Black also ridiculed Margold’s story about how Viper supposedly worked with Byron and came back saying “there was something wrong with that kid,” meaning Byron.

“This is beyond funny,” Black continued. “I never knew about this Rona Barrett interview until Byron brought it up to me. Bill’s thing is he said something everybody held against him and persecuted him for 25 years. It was a joke- isn’t that what he said?”

Margold told Barrett, who asked about his kids, if he’d let them work in porn, that he had no problem with that and that he’d work with his daughter. It was construed that Margold meant having sex with her, and that’s the part Black jumped all over. Margold told me he meant he’d direct her, another thing Black made hay with.

For his part, Black said when he went on PBS and gave the interview which got him busted, he was defending the industry right “to make movies for grown-ups.”

Black at the time said he didn’t want to be an industry test case but he would welcome it.

“I would be the person that will fight,” I think that’s what I fucking said. I said let’s fight the government.

“But Margold ran around saying Rob Black’s got to go. And he said, ‘I want to fuck my child.’ Oh, I’m sorry you wanted to direct your child getting fucked by Tom Byron.

“How’s that? Would you have said, ‘Honey, you’re doing an awesome job, but you need to take Tom Byron’s cock right down to the balls a little better. You need to suck his cock his better for Papa Bear. C’mon. I don’t mind you being in the business. I’m not going to fuck you, I’m just going to let six guys do an anal train on you.’

“Would you have let John Holmes fuck your daughter?” Black asked.

“The king. You like to defend him, Bill. He got HIV, went to Europe and knowingly did a Marc Wallice. Defend this because you can’t. The king, John Holmes, went overseas knowingly with HIV and had sex. And Amber Lynn, the boisterous Amber Lynn was in that movie. [As well as Tracey Adams.]

“I know for a fact that you somewhat defended that, so would you defend John Holmes taking that massive 12 inch cock and sticking it up your daughter’s young, tight asshole and infecting her with HIV?”

“I would never say this without proof, but all I’m going to say is [Jerry] Sandusky. He talks about the kids. What was that camp, The Second Mile? Is PAW Second Mile? I need to know this. I know for a fact a man by the name of Paul Fishbein had a conversation with you once. He told me, he said it’s disturbing that Bill Margold calls “the kids”. He’s talking about adult actors and calls them kids and gives them teddy bears.”

Black said he would stop harassing Margold when Margold got down on his knees and allowed Black to smack him on the nose like a “bitch dog” that shit in a corner.

Black also kept making light of a message Margold left on Toby Dammit’s machine that Black “doesn’t play fair.”

Black mentioned how performer Madelyn Monroe was on Twitter looking for a place to live.

“She can’t find an apartment; she’s got no credit,” said Black.

“She’s going to be homeless. Bill, you need to call her and get her a home. You need to take her in. You’re PAW. You do a bowling event. Is that bowling event to pay your rent? I thought that was to pay Madelyn Monroe’s rent.

“Hey, Bill with PAW, do you have to report where that money goes? Tell me. I’m the dumb guy. I’m uneducated.”

You get the point, but Black kept harping on whether PAW was a legitimate entity, or whether it was a haven for Margold to pocket money under the pretext of helping the adult industry.

“I can give you list of women who need help. Why aren’t you helping them? You have bowling events and girls wash cars.”

“If you collect $6,000 and say it’s administrative costs? Bullshit. We know where you live and how you live. Where’s the money? Is there money spent on teddy bears and maybe going to Thailand? I don’t know, but when I’m listening to a Sandusky tape and he’s talking about the children, he’s talking about the boys and how he gives them a hug- I know- those were 12 year-old boys. I’m not saying anything except it’s weird, man.”

Black also went off on Margold’s contention that he invented AIM [more on that, later].

“Isn’t that a typical guy to take credit for something a woman does?” Black asked.

Bill Margold, you’re a piece of shit. If I was a woman, I’d cut off my vagina in protest. Taking credit for what a woman does, you cocksucker.”

“You take credit for giving Nikki Charm her name? Bill, here’s your name, you’re an asshole. You’re not a star maker. You’re a punk. You give girls bears. Madelyn Monroe needs a place to live!!”

Black said because of Margold and others Sharon Mitchell got drummed out of the business and is living north in a shack like the Unabomber.

The thing that really galls Black was Margold’s behavior towards him at John Leslie’s wake.

“Bill Margold and I never had any real heat except I’m somebody he wished he could be.”

Black said the only thing Margold can lay claim to is eating cum off his own foot.

Margold went on to say that when Toby Dammit tried to get in the business Margold said he could’t do anything to help him.

“But you’re the porn king, babe. You’re the guy that was the leader. But what do you have to show for it? You were the guy that said the crazy things- Playground of the Damned- You don’t do that, you dummy.”

Black noted that when he got out of prison and was living in a half-way house, John Leslie passed away.

“He was a legend in the business and as Tom Byron would say the man that taught him to be a fucking prick. A man’s man.”

Black recounted the history he had with Leslie including the time he went to San Francisco to see Leslie perform in a band, so when Leslie died, Byron urged Black to attend.

“I don’t feel wanted,” Black told him.

“I just got out of prison. People don’t like me. The whole Evil Angel crew’s going to be there. I don’t need this. They’re going to say something fucked up because they got no balls, and there’s nothing I can do. I got to report to a half-way house, motherfucker. Byron said I promise you it’s a wake. Who’s going to talk shit at a wake?”

When Black walked in the door, manning the guest book was Margold, John Stagliano and Karen Stagliano [Trisha Deveraux].

“I say to Tommy, oh fuck. I didn’t say fuck these cocksuckers, I said this is uncomfortable. I walk in. Bill Margold laughs at me and makes a comment, ‘Hah, look at you. Just got out of prison. You got what you got coming to you.’

“And Stagliano smiles and Trisha smiles. That’s what you got coming to me. I was shocked. I extended my arm and shook his [Margold’s] hand and I went hey, John, hey Trish. I signed the book and walked away.”

“Bill Margold, you say that at another man’s wake? You Stagliano and Karen had your moment, you little piece of garbage.

“What man could think that’s alright? I don’t even know what that is. How can you do that to somebody? Tell me that it isn’t a piece of shit move.”

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