Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: California Labor Section 1700.35: No prostitutes

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Back story:

Read this. This is where the state can close down every adult talent agency:

California Labor Section 1700.35. No talent agency shall knowingly permit any persons of bad character, prostitutes, gamblers, intoxicated persons, or procurers to frequent, or be employed in, the place of business of the talent agency.

If you go to the agency that represents Sarah Vandella- whoever they may be- can be shut down. By the way she’s a former Zero Tolerance contract girl.

Oh, oh, Lylith Lavey [pictured], remember her? She’s the one that sucked Mr. Marcus’ cock in his second stage syphilis. I notice she’s no longer with 101 Modeling. How about that? Boy, somebody distanced themselves after that fiasco. However, Mia Lelani who is with 101 Modeling, will be in Florida the end of May. At least that’s according to Peaks’ schedule.

According to Peaks, London Keyes is hooking and just did a four-day gig in Las Vegas. Keyes I believe is represented by Spiegler Girls. So, if I read this situation correctly, Spiegler Girls can go down not only for violations of 1700.33 which is about knowingly sending your talent into unsafe working conditions but repping talent who hook.

For you hobbyists, or whatever you’re calling yourselves these days, Sara Jay is going to be in Atlantic City this weekend. Isn’t the Jayster with the Vicky Vette army? Ooops. Vette’s out of Georgia or some place so California labor wouldn’t apply. My bad.

But you get the point.

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