Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Christy Canyon Trashing Rob Black?

I noticed over the weekend that Mr. Manwin paranoia Mike South enlisted the help of Manwin employee Christy Canyon to trash Rob Black for trashing Steve Hirsch by saying what a great guy Hirsch is.

No doubt Hirsch is a “swell” guy. I remember the first time we met, Hirsch says to me, “You must be intimidated being around all these powerful people.” He was referring to himself and Chris Mann in the context of that remark.

Let’s not forget that is owned by Steve Hirsch and that Canyon used to be a Vivid girl. I’m not saying which one, but one of the ex-Vivid girls used to tell a story how Hirsch liked getting butt fucked over his desk by his new contract girls. Was Canyon one of them?

And didn’t Canyon write a book trashing a few people in the industry? Pot calling the kettle “black”? With all that information one might conclude that Canyon’s hardly objective.

Just curious, too, how that sexual harassment suit against Canyon turned out.

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