Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Derek’s Throwing Pamela Peaks Under the Bus

And here I thought Derek Hay was the biggest pimp in the Valley. Evidently not. In the legal action to end all legal actions, the Starr sisters, Natasha and Natalia, want out of their iron clad contract at LA Direct and claim that Derek is running a pimp operation and involving them in it.

Derek is saying to the Starr’s attorney Allan B. Gelbard, “Direct Models does not book ‘privates’ and without question you have no evidence to support such a claim.”

I guess that pretty much ends that document, but, to top it off, Derek brings Pamela Peaks into the picture noting that Raul, husband of Natasha Starr, has been handling the bookings for them through Pamela Peaks

A couple of years ago Peaks was crying the blues to me that her business was bad and she could no longer advertise. I don’t know how it is now, but when I surveyed her site at the time I had to draw the conclusion that Peaks may have been the richest woman in porn.

But Peaks isn’t the only one Derek might have it out for. Monica Foster has been doing a series of stories about another escort site called, and their alleged connection with Trinity St. Clair. Foster is continuing her investigation, but I got the following email yesterday from one of the owners which I’d like to share:

First off i dont want my name in anything.
My partner Ashely is the face of the business. I just know a bunch of adult stars that happen to need work due to poor managment
combined with a failing industry.

Until early this morning Neither Ashley nor myself knew who this Richard Fellow was or Jake Spade…we had heard some of our models say that people THOUGHT that Jake Spade was the owner of the agency but this is not true in the least bit.
We never corrected anyone because we honestly didnt want people knowing who owned the company….

The reason for this is that TLC does NOT IN THE LEAST BIT like the competition they receive from us. Plus at the Moment our inside sources tell us that TLC and LA Direct are doing everything they can think of to shirt the current spotlight away from their companies and directly onto someone else…which Conveniently seems to be us…their direct competition

Our company is not affiliated with ANY porn agency in the adult industry at all. The ladies that work with us do so of their own accord…We are not working with or affiliated with Jake Spade…or Trinity St Clair….she advertises herself on TER all the time and her direct contact info is easily searched by perspective clients. It doesn’t do us any good to work with her as she books her own work.

As far as how Monica came by the info she used in her article…My source and one of the girls that works with us and is also working with an escort agency, tells us that the wording and grammar in the article look and sound just the Husband of the Woman that Runs the escort agency.

I don’t really care is People bash the agency….we have great customer service and a rock solid reputation. Plus we help people make money to live on, when nobody else in the industry seems to be able to do that. HOWEVER…I will not tolerate someone like Monica Foster making up BULLSHIT about innocent people and blaming things on our agency.

The reason i emailed you from this specific email is that i know you to be a Honest and hard working man that has a blog/business I can trust. I didn’t nor do I ever have a reason to make any of this up….but the truth does need to be told

if you have questions I will do my best to answer them


So what I’m gathering from all this is the agency may be up to some shenanigans, and with Derek’s ratting out Pamela Peaks, I’m wondering if he isn’t cutting a deal somewhere.

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