Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Duke Better Do Something Regarding Stagliano

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There’s a kind of hush all over the porn world. Rob Black has made some serious allegations about the way John Stagliano is doing business – at least when it comes to full disclosure.

Black keeps referring to a lawsuit that’s coming. I know the performer. I know the circumstances. She was with Type 9 Modeling. No longer of course, but, at the time, a meet was set up with her and Stagliano over lunch.

New to the business, she didn’t know that 16 years ago Stagliano played post office with a tranny in Brazil and got a special delivery in his “male” slot. Stagliano certainly didn’t tell her, and she was invited to do some post graduate work in a Stagliano Stretch Class and got stretched.

Later, when this performer met Black she told him of the incident. Horrified, he explained to her Stagliano’s condition. She felt used and abused and, I guess, now has an attorney who’s proceeding with further action.

This is not what Diane Duke and the porn industry need right now. Assemblyman Isadore Hall’s office, from my understanding, is well aware of the situation. And if Hall knows, Michael Weinstein and the AHF know. Duke blew Measure B with the way she handled the Mr. Marcus situation. Duke is also blowing AB 332, and I hate to say I told you so but I’m telling you so.

You would think the men of action over at AVN would be reporting on this. Strangely, it’s only myself and Rob Black that seem to understand the significance of this PR catastrophe.

Of all organizations, APHSS should be commenting. So far, nothing, which is typical Diane Duke. I don’t even want to go over the many other times Duke has looked dumb and silly.

Remember the time Duke took a whole bunch of porn people to San Francisco to meet head on with Stuart Lawley over the .XXX domains? Duke & Co. were shut out of those meetings because Duke doesn’t know the first thing about how the political system operates; and she again looked like a klutz in Sacramento last week. But this is who you elected.

In the Stagliano matter there’s way too many apparent wrongs for Duke and AVN to be silent. An HIV positive person is doing scenes, low risk as they might be, with female performers. What does the APHSS medical board have to say about this? Humor us, please. Yet why are they silent on this issue?

Isn’t this exactly why APHSS exists, or is this alleged medical advisory board a figment of Diane Duke’s $150,000 a year imagination.

Doesn’t the talent have the right to know who is making the decisions about their program which they pay for? Rob Black keeps harping about the power talent have in their hands. But Black’s also right that if they fail to use it, they deserve to end up hooking in back alleys.

Serious criminal allegations have been made. Is Stagliano not notifying these girls of his HIV status? Are the agents not notifying the talent of
Stagliano’s status? Are these girls notifying their subsequent partners that they just worked with someone who has HIV, or are the agents notifying the next scene partners of these female performers?

Black has also posed the question: why is there no quarantine list for these girls? And it’s pretty obvious that nobody is checking tests on these Stretch Class sets. If so, section 1700.30 of the California Labor Code is being violated and a number of porn talent agencies stand to lose their licenses.

With so much information being put out there, APHSS, Diane Duke, AVN and even XBiz have decided to clam up. Isn’t it ironic that the industry can only rely on its information from the blogging world?

Even stranger, I think, that over ten years ago I remember watching Black, then a porcine 261 pounds shit-talking wrestling promoter with dreadlocks, spitting tobacco juice into a Gatorade bottle. Who knew this was the man who would become the adult industry’s voice of reason?

Otherwise there remains a hush over the porn world.


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