Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Farrah Abraham is An Anal Pro

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You can talk about your teen moms, and, love her or hate her, Farrah Abraham can give all the interviews she wants. But Farrah Abraham, unbeknownst to the same mainstream press that seems to gush all over her, is an anal pro.

Attention whore par excellence, Farrah has taken it in the ass before. No blushing ass bride by any means, this girl certainly knows her way around dick. Farrah is to cock what Benny Goodman is to the clarinet. Her sainted mom, I’m sure would be mortified to know that.

Now, thanks to Steve Hirsch’s buddies over at the rest of the world is spared the expense of Farrah’s sex tape.

Because if you had plucked down a hard nickel in this economy to watch it, you might have been disappointed, maybe even pissed off. Farrah has a pert ass,that’s for sure, but there’s nothing to write home about. This is another day at the porn office.

And now that you can see it on the cheap, your money’s better served for a bottle of Dramamine which will get you through camera work that’ll make you positively sea sick.

When I saw the abbreviated version first made available on I got the impression it was shot in a hotel room, but this version puts it in a loft.

Chatting like boyfriend and girlfriend home from a date, Farrah remarks on the size of James Deen’s cock in a positive way. Remember those interviews where she said she’s seen a few cocks and Jimmy Deen’s porn sausage ranked paltry for size? Remember how she ripped James a new asshole, where throughout this tape she’s condescending to him like a Deenager in love.

Was my ass amazing? She asks James at one point. There’s an anal pro for ya. Well, it was nice, Farrah, but other than the fact you’ve decided to become a publicity freak show I’ve seen enough of you to last a life time.

Frankly, I’d have enjoyed less convention and more on James’ part. He treated you too much like the obsequious boyfriend when in the hands of Princess Donna your head would have been put through a wall.

Don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself


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