Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee; Fishbein Will Probably Again Call Me a Liar

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I’ll post a story later about how Paul Fishbein exchanged emails with Rob Black because I’ve been calling-in on Rob’s Internet show,

They were these “you fucked up” emails and Fishbein’s essentially calling me a liar and that Rob’s blown any chance of resurrecting his name in the business.

I think what prompted the exchange was a story I told on air about a rebellion at AVN, followed by another story online that AVN used to be run by an Israeli suit salesman named Yoram Dahan. Anyone who’s been around in the business long enough knows I’m not making that one up.

Here’s another story Fishbein will call me a liar on. There’s a woman named Ellen Thompson who used to work for me in editorial.

What a wonderful person she was. Not only a good writer, Ellen was just funny and one of the reasons why AVN was such a great place to be. Ellen first came to AVN when she was hired to be Fishbein’s assistant.

That didn’t last too long. On the air, Rob Black said I could be a pain in the ass. He never worked for Fishbein, and Ellen soon discovered that besides being a royal pain in the ass Fishbein could be quite the character whenever he opened his mouth to flail you.

Ellen often came to me crying saying she loved being at AVN but could no longer work for Paul. I moved her into editorial to save her sanity. Ellen I believe is long gone and far away from this business.

By the way, ask Jennifer Rosenblatt, AVN’s former VP of Sales, who sued Fishbein for millions of dollars what that atmosphere was like for women who weren’t in editorial under my watch.

Oh, that’s right. Jennifer, who now owns her own consulting company [I’m sure bankrolled by that lawsuit] can’t say anything. She was bound to a gag order to walk away with money that could set her up for life. In any event, Ellen came to work for me.

The Ellen situation reminded me of when we had an office manager in Philadelphia named Donna M. working for us. Donna M., who was more into suntanning than I was, was very much on the same order as Ellen Thompson.

And to say she was henpecked, is putting it mildly. I remember how her boyfriend Niles, a guy with a thick walrus mustache who looked like Colonel Mustard in the game of Clue, telling me how he was going to punch Paul’s lights out. He never did. But Donna wound up having a nervous breakdown. Of course Paul will call me a liar.

Come to think of it? Ellen Thompson, Jennifer Rosenblatt and Donna M. could back up my stories. By the way, former managing editor Ken Wood who’s now on my Facebook, could back up my allegations about the employee mutiny over at AVN.

Just too many living people who know the truth.

A funny note to all this. Jennifer Rosenblatt went on to marry Kevin Blatt’s brother Darren Blatt, so for awhile she was known as Jennifer Rosenblatt-Blatt. I believe they divorced.


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