Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Frank Koretsky’s Not the Only One Who Makes You Wait for Your Money

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“The UAWA is a watchdog organization,” Rob Black, stressed on his Internet show Thursday afternoon.

The keyboard warriors have been duly taking their shots at it, and Black said they have no idea what they’re talking about.

True to form, I’m reading people talking about dues paying. There are no dues required. Evidently they don’t understand that this organization is being sponsored by donations, PAC money and fund raising. In other words, it’s free. Free.

The other immediate advantage, as I can see, of this new watchdog group is Black’s point that companies like Adam & Eve, Frank Koretsky, TLA and GameLink string out manufacturers for months before paying them.

Black said the UAWA, which swings with the weight of some powerful attorneys, will see to it that it doesn’t happen any more.

“Adam & Eve is owned by Phil Harvey [pictured], a guy with multi-million mail order empire,” explained Black.

“Over there are Sharon Wolford and Frank Agnello of Adam & Eve- two douchebags- you got to suck their balls to be in their catalogue. You have to pay a vig, and it’s all bullshit. And then you don’t get paid. It takes months, and they’ll pay you $5 for your product when your price is $12.

“A union would never allow that. But because Adam & Eve is putting it in their mail order, you get half of your money? And then you got to wait 90 days to get paid?

“I want everyone of you cocksuckers to explain how is that protecting the worker,” challenged Black.

“And you wonder why me and a handful of people have problems paying their bills? Fuck you. You people make me sick. Adam & Eve owes a company $71,000. Customers pay them directly for product but you as a manufacturer are made to wait for your money.

“It’s amazing. The UAWA wouldn’t let that happen. Then Adam & Eve will tell you we won’t take your 1,000 pieces, and you need our 5 grand take it or leave it- that’s what they say.

“We [at UAWA] say thank you Phil Harvey, Mr. Fucking crusader. If I’m old, bald, wear a suit and tell everyone I’m a nice guy, I can destroy workers’ lives?

“Protect your people, the manufacturers,” Black urged.

“Adam & Eve is the biggest fucking scoundrel when it comes to paying. You give them a $5 price, you can get in their catalogue. My organization wouldn’t let that happen because someone like Adam & Eve would have to negotiate everything with this union.

“It’s a watchdog organization- what do you not get?”

Black said the UAWA will operate on principles and elements borrowed from the Teamsters, Hollywood, Auto Workers. “it’s all about labor- we’ll borrow elements from every great labor movement.

“To be a member of it is absolutely free,” he continued.

“It only requests that you being a member and having coverage is that you devote part of your time.”

Black concedes that the industry has a transient population.

“But the one thing that doesn’t change is the power structure at the top which filters down to all the people that come in and out. The girls who were at the top of the business three years ago are gone now.

“You have a new crop of girls. But if the former corruption is gone, they’ll be trained in a new way. The transient effect that says ‘Spiegs is great’ will be gone. The new girl will listen to someone new. It’s all culture. Once you change the culture it’s easy. If you strip down the garbage you would create a new culture, your head would spin.

“You think this is some kind of fucking game?” asked Black.

“This ain’t no organization where two people smoking weed figured out how to score pussy and blowjobs. My aspirations are to get out of this 400 square foot shit hole above a strip club and create a legacy that will go down as a great labor movement.

“My aspiration is to bring this industry to a table in Washington and be recognized as a legitimate business. The industry thrives for all the wrong aspects.

“Adam & Eve, GameLink, TLA, Frank Koretsky all those who don’t pay, it trickles down to the people who are part of what I’m talking about – labor. Those people can’t feed their families because they go to directors who go to the owners who go ‘I’m trying to get a hold of Game Link for the money.’

“This is not about people who jerk off on one another. The UAWA is here to protect. It’s as serious as a heart attack and James Gandolfini eating another bowl of pasta. The UAWA represents all men and women who work in the adult business. It’s pretty simple.

“It’s about treating workers with dignity and respect. The contracts you can’t get out of? You need to call the UAWA and become a member. As a member, attorneys have a fiduciary duty to see that you’re treated with dignity and respect. Those contracts with OC Modeling and LA Direct? Tell Derek from now on ‘I’m a member of the UAWA so you’ll have to deal with my rep. Talk to you later.’

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