Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Gattogate

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Nick East breaks it down: Porngate!!!!! Here’s what we know so far…
A fraudulent flier was sent out to residents of LaCanada/Flintridge claiming to be from the “Citizens For Good Government”, an actual legitimate campaign group.(

This fraudulent flier appears to be targeted at republicans, and even provides a written guide for them to take with them to the polls to ensure they vote in line with the Republican Party.

As first reported by, upon a cursory examination of the documents, it would appear as if Mike Gatto is being touted as a republican, when in fact he is a democrat!

The document goes on to include what would at first appear to be a paid advertisement for Mike Gatto for State Assembly.

Also included in this flier is an ad for “No on B” (opposing condom regulation in porn), which logic would dictate was from the Free Speech Coalition (nobody else was spending money on advertising except them, so…).

Okay, so to recap so far…

Logic would dictate that both Mike Gatto AND the Free Speech Coalition either paid money for the advertisements, or they were involved in the fraudulent fliers creation in the first place! The only other explanation would involve a conspiracy (someone’s out to get them), but that would be an incredible coincidence, considering recent events.

Last Thursday, Mike Gatto squashed (the condom bill) AB332, which would have required porn actors to wear condoms for vaginal and anal sex, to the accolades of the Free Speech Coalition!

It gets even better, folks!!!

ALSO appearing with a paid advertisement on the same fraudulent flier is none other than Jackie Lacey for District Attorney (she won)! The same Jackie Lacey who is due to be a defendant in the Vivid lawsuit against Measure B in an upcoming trial!

We the people are hereby asking nicely for an investigation into possible election rigging and cronyism and ask that Jackie Lacey recuse herself from being involved in the Measure B lawsuit.

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