Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Happy Birthday, Rob Black

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In the old TV show from the 1950’s, Dobie Gillis, there’s a character named Chatsworth Osborne Jr. a spoiled rotten rich kid who’s described as “nasty but sensitive.”

In a way that can sum up a Leo born August 5th. As it pertains to Rob Black whose birthday we celebrate, the nastiness is more of an entertaining theatrical act or persona designed to point out society’s ills and injustices and doing something to correct them.

The inherently sensitive August 5th Leo is a great communicator and enjoys nothing more than hanging out with friends and enjoying good conversation- as long as this Leo is center stage. With this person it’s tough to get a word in edgewise, just sit back and allow them to have the floor. He or she almost demands it.

Despite attempts at a gruff, hard-bitten exterior, this lion is more of a pussycat who enjoys having their belly stroked, meaning their ego. Career wise, this particular Leo is best suited to jobs in communication and journalism, perhaps, as Black is now learning from his daily Internet show.

After all these years of trial and error, Black has finally stuck that internal chord, the harmony of self in which his best gifts are now being put into play.

The August 5th Leo is a crusader. They need a cause to embrace but often are sidetracked from their goals because they stack their plates with way more than they can consume.

As the Tarot cards unfold for Black in his new persona, we see The Sun card ruling the day. This is a card of re-birth and re-invention. This is telling us that Black is on the right track. A toddler seated unsteadily upon a horse tells us that Black has to get the hang of a new form of lifestyle and ways of accomplishing things, but once he does, it’s off to the races.

The Seven of Cups in the reading, as I said, is indicative of someone who puts many goals before him, so much so that he tends to confuse himself.

What to do first? This card is merely saying pick one thing at a time, get it done and move on. But because The Seven is aligned with the Sun card this is telling me that Black can pretty much pick his projects and enjoy immense success in the next year.

However the flip side of this card says temptation is the folly of the August 5th Leo. Black needs to follow the spiritual bromide: “what the eye does not see, the heart does not yearn for.”

The World card is saying be it wrestling or his Internet show, Black is now in the right place at the right time, and a wiser man for his past follies. It’s not inconceivable that he’ll resurrect Extreme Associates and begin shooting porn again, and, if he does, look out, this guy can rule the industry. Laugh at what he’s saying now, but time will prove him right on nearly every score.

The Page of Pentacles is saying September will be a significant month for him and will begin to usher in the cash flow he’s been seeking, to get back on his feet. Somewhere in the distant future, Black will initiate self-help seminars and motivational programs.

The Four of Cups in Black’s case is piece of mind. His efforts will prove fruitful and rewarding; his detractors will have to eat their words. Black will have the satisfaction of knowing that he was right all along and whatever negative opinions existed about him have only prodded him to great glory. In other words, Black gets the last laugh.

Sorry, keyboard warriors.

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