Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Hell is Coming to Breakfast and You Can Thank Shy Love

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I don’t know how many of you remember The Honeymooners, one of the great all-time TV series. There was always a moment when Jackie Gleason as bus driver Ralph Kramden gets hissed off at his wife Alice [Audrey Meadows] and would bellow, ‘You’ve got a big mouth, Alice….a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mouth.”

Which brings me to the subject of Shy Love, who’s got a big mouth. A big mouth to match her big teeth. I can’t tell you how many times over the years Shy Love has called threatening me with “legal repercussions.”

Love did it again yesterday only this time she stuck her big foot in between her big teeth. If Love wants to deny making any of the comments she made, she’s welcome. Except one thing I learned from all my years running AVN, performers will use the “I was misquoted” gimmick. That’s when I got into the habit of recording such conversations.

In the course of said conversation, Love began discussing the medical blotter of performer Alex Chance whose name gets dragged into this because some John sent a letter to AHF alleging that he got syphilis from Chance in an escort encounter at The Roosevelt Hotel last year.

Love, by the way, admits that Chance was an escort. And since Chance is on Love’s talent roster, one might draw the conclusion that Love is a pimp.

No matter. People I know, who know people in Sacramento, saw this whole drama unfold. Shy, in that phone conversation, like some little schoolyard snitch, told me she was telling Diane Duke on me. Wow. That’s okay. I just told Sacramento. Stick that in your big mouth with your terroristic phone threats.

Another AB 332 vote is coming up today. And the way I see it, from some exchanges I got Tuesday night, Love is the straw man now in the AB 332 issue. Why? Because she’s got a biiiiiiiiiig mouth.

I could paraphrase, but I will submit the findings that have been sent to me. If you have the patience to wade through the language, it’s simply saying hell’s coming to breakfast for the adult industry and you can blame Shy Love for it.

Here’s what I got from the horse’s mouth which is how Shy Love was described in her performing days, by the way. All the following is an email that was sent to me. None of the following are my words:

“Just a few little paragraphs from the law book.

‘All record owners shall develop and implement policies, standard, and
procedures to protect the confidentiality and security of the medical
records. Employees of record owners shall be trained in these policies,
standards, and procedures.’

‘Records owners are responsible for maintaining a record of all disclosures of information contained in the medical record to a third party,INCLUDING the purpose of the disclosure request. The record of disclosure may be retained in the medical record. The third party to whom the information is disclosed is prohibited from further disclosure of any information in the medical record without the express written consent of the patient, or the patients legal representative.’

‘The Attorney General is authorized to enforce the provisions of this
section for records owners not otherwise by the state, through injunctive relief and fines not to exceed $5000, PER VIOLATION.’ [Ouch.]

“So what do these three little paragraphs mean for a few people in the adult industry? And there are many more paragraphs, but you get the drift.

“First, the multiple violations by agents, producers, and possibly APHSS
will be enough to bankrupt what is left of the industry.

“Shy Love has been talking about confidential medical information about an individual. It is no secret that employers, and agents in the adult
industry receive confidential medical information from some employees, that are actors. The industry will claim that this access is legal and for a good cause, and they might be right. And that’s the problem. It now makes them ‘Records Owners.’

“Why do I not think Shy Love has copies of all those written authorizations for every single disclosure of information, AND, the reason for that disclosure. To all the agents, producers, directors, FSC, whoever, immediately go to Best Buy and get the best paper shredder you can find.

“Every single one of you reading this knows you come no place close to being in compliance with this, and the AHF just got a whiff of this yesterday.

“Of course it will be pretty hard for any agent to say under oath that they never accessed or forwarded any medical information.

“The climate has changed a bit lately. The industry has been given a pass on these types of regulations for a long time. Proper authorities just turned a blind eye, but there’s a new crop of politicians who aren’t.

“Wasn’t the Mr. Marcus thing discovered when a guy was preparing the paperwork to forward to someone else. I wonder if he documented that as a records owner. Wasn’t this guy directly quoted in some article right here. He’s going to wish he kept his trap shut.

“So here is the Catch 22. Either you are a legal records owner, and you
violated all of those statutes, or you aren’t a legal records owner, and
that just opens up a whole new can of worms. And when you start throwing around the legal relationship between a performer and the legal agent, dang does it get messy.

“It is going to be very hot in Porn Valley this summer. And don’t be so sure APHSS isnt going to take a hit. While they do not directly disclose specific medical information, they do disclose information
based on a patients medical record.

“The clinic gets written permission from the performer to forward info to APHSS. Is APHSS a ‘records owner’ will be a big question. There is no denying that APHSS is all about medical records, and they do disclose information about a person, based on that person’s medical record. So, if, actually when, APHSS is declared a records owner they too will be subject to the regulations mentioned above, and many more not specified here.”


So, the way I’m reading this, is that besides imminent fines presented by the breaking of AB 332, the state will be closely monitoring medical disclosure violations, and the money could really add up.

So getting back to the argument I made that the state is going to see all of this as a new revenue stream, remember, your own statistics are ultimately going to do you in.

After all, this is a multi-billion dollar a year porn industry that represents thousands and thousands of jobs. Thank you Diane Duke. You and Shy Love will have a lot to talk about in the unemployment line.

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