Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Is Derek Wearing a Wire?

About a month ago I wrote an article about rats in the porn business

And just this week, Rob Black, has devoted two segments of his shows to the topic of industry vermin.

I’m not making any accusations but pointing to an amazing coincidence. There’s a certain attorney in the business whose clients always seem to come under a cloud of Cal-OSHA suspicion and are being visited, investigated, etc. by the condom gendarmes.

Why is it only his clients that are being singled out? Does someone have it out for them in general, him in particular, or, let’s go John Grisham here…is he diming out his own people in order to secure their business? Sound far fetched? Ah, the plots of novels.

If that sounds absurd, then why is Derek Hay who, according to every story I’ve heard, and I’ve heard them all for at least ten years- that he’s involved with prostitution/pandering. Why then has he not been arrested?

Those dots which are now being connected to an escort site that connect to a majority of the LA Direct Girls as well. And, as we all know since Hay keeps a tight leash on his talent, it would be inconceivable that they’d be escorting without his knowledge.

Lo and behold, Allan B. Gelbard ended all speculation last week by stating in legal papers in a spat between Hay and the Starr sisters: “Direct Models, Inc. sent my clients, without their prior knowledge, permission or consent, to engage in ‘privates’ and threatened them when they arrived and were confronted by ‘Johns’ rather than legitimate producers.

All I can say is, wow.

What’s puzzling, if I were head of the vice division of LAPD and all this evidence were going public under my nose, I’d be pretty embarrassed right about now. More so, with the facts being uncovered by Monica Foster, about the Trinity St. Clair link to high powered executive Richard Nanula and the additional revelations being made about the escort site by Black. Aren’t cops supposed to be the professionals and we the amateurs?

Which all gets back to the rat theory and Black’s love of the word “impunity.”

Is the Teflon Don of porn, Derek, wearing a wire? That would be my suspicion, and if he were, I’d be keeping my distance from him. Is Derek getting a pass? And, if so, what is he giving the authorities in return? One name immediately springs to mind. Michelle Braun.

Michelle Braun headed up Nici’s Girls which was the forerunner of other services of that ilk making porn stars available to the buying public.

Braun had a pretty good operation going but Braun was also pretty stupid and egotistical. She kept jumping on Luke Ford’s site and doing interviews. Duh.

Sooner or later the Feds are going to catch up to you with those public displays as they did with Braun and they got her for racketeering and money laundering.

Braun has moved on to other enterprises a little less shady but shady nonetheless. Which brings us back to Derek, who, rumor has it had major connections with Braun. When Braun did her singing don’t you think one of her tunes was dedicated to LA Direct?

Or, was it the other way around? Did Derek do some singing with the lead tune being “Michelle” by The Beatles?

And I’ll never forget the time I talked to Carmella Bing who had a falling out with Derek:

From AdultFYI 5/6/2007: Then she [Bing] remembers another time Derek allegedly lined her up for a trick in Japan.

“The guy said it was a private and wanted to make his own porn,” continues Bing. “It was something Derek set up but the guy treated me well. He had nice camera equipment.”

Does that in any way sound like the story Raul told me over the weekend about how Natasha Starr was set up with a porn shoot in Florida, went to a hotel room and discovered it was a private? Does this in any way sound like the modus operandi Trinity St. Clair employed in the Richard Nanula story?

Like I said, I’m not making any accusations but pointing to an amazing set of coincidences.

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