Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Is This Picture Sexual Enough?

Christian XXX didn’t think that John Stagliano’s four fingers up Katie Summers’ ass wasn’t sexual enough. How about this screen capture from the first volume of Buttman’s Stretch Class? Oh, it appears that HIV positive Stagliano has whipped his dick out. Oh my. Did Brazilian performer Monica Santhiago know that years ago Buttman took it up his Rio De Janeiro from a Brazilian tranny?

Let’s not harp on the past. Let’s harp on the present, shall we. It appears that Allie Haze and Adam & Eve contract girl Alexis Texas appeared in the same Stretch Class as Katie Summers who’s filed a lawsuit against Buttman. Will they be subpoenaed? And what story will they have to tell under oath?

Also, another performer has come forward. This girl wasn’t told about Stagliano’s condition, either, and she’s now in talks with Katie Summers’ attorney. If all comes to pass, look for LA Direct Models and Type 9 to get hit with lawsuits on the basis of the California Code forbidding agents sending their clients into harm’s way.

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