Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Jack The Zipper- Wanted Dead or Alive by Investors

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“Making XXX makes me think about life and death.”
…..Jack The Zipper

I wonder if Jack The Zipper thinks about his pissed off investors. Then he’d know what death is really all about.

Back in another life Jack The Zipper, Kimberly Kane’s former beau, had an exclusive deal with Hustler and was fawned over by AVN and XBiz.

Yesterday I gave you the details about Zipper’s big project, True Grit XXX, and the fact that Zipper went $25,000 over budget and forgot a minor detail like a film permit and had the production shut down by mounted cops on horseback.

You didn’t read too much about that in AVN and XBiz as I recall.

Thursday night on his late night show, Rob Black filled in the details about one Carlos Cavero, a scam artist extraordinaire, who backed the project.

“The Carlos gimmick was hatched by Howard Levine,” Black informed us.

“Carlos was a little bullshit scammer when Howard Levine worked at Pulse.”

The details are complex, but Levine essentially got into a beef with former employer Steve Hirsch over a Jasmine Waltz celebrity sex tape and Levine moved on and landed with Jerry Estrada and that bunch over at Exquisite Multimedia.

“Carlos used to hang out with Howard and told him I want to get into porn,” said Black who was there to see the entire drama unfold.

“Carlos told Howard he had these investors and ideas. Carlos and this other guy AJ Copenza would run seminar scams to teach you how to get into porn. These web expos that AVN puts on, they rent out space to these guys [Carlos and AJ] who charge hillbilly retards to come and learn how to get into adult.

“Once AJ and Carlos get their roomful of marks, they would figure who’s got money and who they could bullshit. Then they’d get their hooks into yahoo backers.

“As Levine got fired, his trail of destruction followed him to Jerry Estrada,” Black continued.

“There he worked his magic. Howard Levine bullied Jerry and his brother into doing a Jasmine Waltz sex tape to get it away from Vivid, so Jerry and those guys could get into the celebrity sex tape business.

“Hirsch sent out his lawyers and letters. In his first month with Jerry, Levine’s getting $2,000 a week and getting lawsuits over this Jasmine tape. This cocksucker marched around Jerry’s office about how he’s getting sued and who shows up? Carlos who’s got new big whales.

“Howard’s like I got this investor Carlos Cavero. So I talk to this jerkoff and right off the bat, this guy is a Scarface reject. He’s trying to tell me how this business is run, this Al Pacino flunky. I think what a fucking loser. He’s telling me how he has all these contacts, and he’s friends with Bruder.

“I’m like you’re naming people that have been dead forever. You can’t tell this retard anything. We put together Taxi Driver and Carlos can’t comprehend this movie.

“It was a $26,000 budget which included our pay. I basically figured we could do it for $21,000 and pick up 5 grand. [Black never saw a dime.]

“I’m in the middle of doing other movies and going okay- the movie cost $26G’s and we made nothing. This fucking retard Carlos would drink beer and tell you how shots should go.

“Then he would bring prospects onto the set. On top of this I had to give Levine a $2,000 kickback. Then Carlos would tell the investor the movie is $50,000- and Carlos would get $24,000.”

Breaking down the math, Black said you’d have to sell at least 4,000 pieces of the movie to see any money.

“I told Howard it ain’t going to happen. What I didn’t know was the investors were putting up $50,000- but I knew the cocksucker Carlos was fucking with numbers.

“Taxi Driver put Tommy Pistol on the map, even though he was an ungrateful little douche. Now Carlos and those guys want to do another movie. They were up our ass about the editing. I was in the middle of doing Supergirl, Ironman, Captain America and Batgirl and these Cavero scam movies.

“Greedy fuck Jerry Estrada, who was getting his 15% off the top, was complaining he wasn’t making any money and would go, hey convict, fuck you, this is what you got to do.

“Then we do the movie Training Day. On that set Carlos would bring, according to Nyomi Banxxx, “creepy motherfuckers” over to the set. I explained to her these were investors, and you could make another paycheck from this fat ugly couple from Oklahoma who were getting fleeced by Carlos and AJ.

“Nyomi would go okay, cool.”

Black and Carlos had words about the disturbance caused by the Okies on the set.

“They wanted another movie,” explained Black. “I told these guys you are retards. Jerry told me Carlos was insulted that I wouldn’t take his money.

“I go it’s racist, but that dirty spick motherfucker cocksucker, fuck him.

“But that retard got money together and hired another retard Jack The Zipper and they were going to make True Grit XXX.

“Carlos and Jack proceeded to make it- I’m sorry- it never gor finished. They got busted by cops on horses. They didn’t have permits. I asked. Are you insane? They tried to hire my sound guy.

“Zipper, you’re a loser. Investors will find you and break your head. People want to know what happened to the True Grit money? Anyone who got fleeced needs to call Howard Levine at Exquisite Multimedia and ask, where is my money?

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