Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: James Bartholet- I Don’t Even Know This Woman

As a PR agent James Bartholet used to rep Monica Foster, In fact, Foster has sent me tons of paper to verify that she had a business affiliation with Bartholet. Yet, Bartholet went on the Amber Lynn Show Friday night denying that he even knows Foster.

I’m not making this up. You can go 35:28 into the program

Foster has been hitting Bartholet pretty hard, and everything she’s saying about him is pretty much spot on So Bartholet’s retaliation was to play little Mr. Innocent with the added flavor of not even knowing who Foster is.

The thing I don’t get about Bartholet is that he’ allowed this Richard Nanula story to grow a fungus of seedy speculation. Bartholet’s PR client is Trinity St. Clair and the facts as we know it have St. Clair dead-to-rights running a shakedown escort scam. Both have kept mum, however.

Why Bartholet is keeping quiet or St. Clair is fairly obvious. A denial, proven later to be a lie, would pretty much throw a wet blanket on Bartholet and St. Clair’s party in the industry. An admittance would pretty much do the same thing. So James, as the cliche goes, is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It’s not inconceivable that Bartholet with his Hollywood connections has lined up whales like Nanula to play patty cake with porn stars. Rebecca Bardoux has told me some interesting things about Bartholet that fuel that speculation.

Foster, in one instance, claims that Bartholet [allegedly] introduced her to a coke dealer so that backs up some of the things Bardoux told me.

Then, again, I remember the days when Bartholet was fired from his gig on Prime Time Uncensored, an Internet network run by attorney Michael Fattorosi. Bartholet was serving alcohol on air to underage porn performers.

And that’s not hearsay. I was there when it all happened.

Start adding it up. It’s on the invoice Foster got from Bartholet.

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