Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Jessica Bangkok Screwed Up Big Time

As of Thursday night, Jessica Bangkok hadn’t Tweeted in a week.

In the Twitter universe that’s like a comet smashing into your hard drive, your iPhone, or, worse yet, your thumbs. Prior to that, Bangkok was all over the place, proud of the fact that Mr. Marcus was in the studios where she does a weekly radio show, having sex with some newbie named Alexandra Smith.

“Jessica Bangkok ‏@jessica_bangkok: Had a great fucken day,” Bangkok, the ringmaster of this circus, last tweeted.

Oops. Not so fast. That, plus the fact that a porn star not Tweeting in over a week was clue that something behind the scenes was going on in Bangkok’s world. Now we know.

Except none of us would have been the wiser to this episode, had not Lisa Ann, who has a show after Bangkok’s, began tweeting about her boss’ bosses, Manwin not having a permit for live sex shows, the business being shut down, and how she was pissed that Marcus was allowed in the building.

What baffles me in this episode, particularly as TMZ reports it, is that Manwin knew nothing of the shenanigans.

At the end of the day Manwin either comes off looking like a bunch of dopes, or, we have to assume they knew full well what was going on and got caught. Take your pick.

You may have your opinion about whistleblowing, but what Lisa Ann did took a lot of guts. More guts than what Diane Duke has displayed in her tenure as the $150,000 a year glad-handing, do-nothing head of FSC.

Bangkok was rightly fired for being an imbecile. I just wish that Manwin, who obviously has some clout in these matters, would extend Diane Duke the same courtesy.

It’s time for a good Spring house cleaning now that this Mr. Marcus funk [remember Duke going to bat for him?] has been stinking up the porn building for months.


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