Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Just as The Cards Said, Donny Long’s Back

When the inferior sites kept telling you that Donny Long had either met his fate by way of the Russian mob or that he had been bound and gagged in an alleyway with a Chinese firecracker lit up his ass, I said no. I simply went to the Tarot cards. The cards said Donny would be back and that Porn Wikileaks wasn’t going anywhere.

I get the following link from Donny: “Read all this very carfully and look at the categories and wikis inside,” he writes,

Long predicts that his enemies will “run for the hills and are now in hiding after I kicked them and all the closet homosexuals around for a couple weeks on faggot twitter. DONNY LONG IS GOD!

“PS. Gene, I am just getting started and this is exclusively for adultfyi; My site now has 321 active famous porn stars signed up which makes xxxfilmjobs the largest agency in porn by double any agency and getting about 5 more a week right now. Post that the fags and haters will love it:]

Signed, Porn super god Donny Long”


On another note, a porn executive is suffering from liver cancer. While I didn’t predict this publicly for obvious reasons, I told several close friends just so I could have my prediction validated. Those events, sadly, have come to pass.

If you’re tired of the phony psychics that need publicists to get on the Rebecca Bardoux show, you might want to give me a yell:

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