Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Karen Stagliano: John Started Getting HIV Tests…

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Ever since the Katie Summers lawsuit, I’ve been looking at the John Stagliano oeuvre in a much different way, particularly the chapter in the book, The Other Side of Hollywood in which he opens up about his Brazilian escapade where he was supposed to have caught HIV.

I say supposed to have, because Stagliano also admits he’s bisexual and has participated in risky behavior with other men. Stagliano calls it “experimenting”. I call it coming out of the closet. Whatever.

But there’s a sentence in the book that really stands out, and you have to analyze it in the context of the Stretch Class series where, presumably, Stagliano doesn’t tell his talent that he’s HIV.

In the book Karen Stagliano says: “John went down to Brazil, and he got HIV. He knew right away that he’d done something he shouldn’t have- the non condom part for sure.. So he started getting HIV tests.”

The time line in this story is 1997. The first anniversary of Kristi Lynn’s death would have been December 7, 1996 and Stagliano went to Brazil, shackled with grief, and picked up a tranny. His story. What a strange way to grieve, I thought. He allegedly contracted HIV from that incident.

In the book says: “But for six months I was worried, thinking I had to change my life.”

From picking up trannies on the street? From sucking off men? What?

You can also take Karen Stagliano’s comment whichever way you want. To me it suggests that Stagliano never had a reason to take an HIV test before which means that Stagliano- who worked occasionally with performers on screen- hadn’t been testing prior to that supposed incident with a tranny streetwalker. Is that the case?

Which means Stagliano, with a pattern of risky behavior, may have put past screen partners at risk, one must assume.

The more I look at this, and I wrote about it at length, over the weekend, I think Stagliano caught the HIV virus much earlier than he’s letting on because there were many trips to Brazil and in Rio, oh mio…

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