Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Manwin Can Blame Michael Raven for Getting Scott Justice in the Business

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I see where Scott Justice is getting a clobbering at the Slim Pickens website. Judging all the facts and patterns it’s only a matter of time Scott Justice does for Digital Playground what he did to Jill Kelly Productions, Sin City and Jules Jordan.

For those new to the porn game, I ran this story about five years ago when Skeeter Kerkove who directed movies for Justice over at the defunct Sin City had this to say:

From the AdultFYI archives: According to Skeeter, a [Scott] Justice eccentricity that would drive production crews bonkers went like this:

“Once a girl got out of makeup- after somebody was paid to do makeup- they had to send a picture to Scott to see if he’ll approve of it. Every girl in every Sin City movie had to have pictures sent to Scott for him to approve of. That’s step one.

“One day Rick Masters had been waiting round for hours,” says Skeeter. “The makeup was done and they had to sent pictures to Scott. They had to wait two hours to get a response. Rick Masters was furious. Jim Powers was furious. Like what the fuck was he doing- they didn’t get a response sent back yet.”

“Scott Justice- the lonesome warrior- was a football dropout. He wanted to be a famous football star. And his dad made some good money, but Scott didn’t and then he got bad credit. This was before becoming GM at Sin City.

“So he met a guy named Michael Raven, and Raven convinced him that if you spend $100,000 on this movie, you’re going to make your money back. And so Scott got this loan from his dad and other people and never broke even. In time Scott Justice became Michael Raven’s P.A., and was later promoted to Production Manager at Jill Kelly Productions.

“By then he was getting between $150-$300 a day. He wasn’t driving a Mercedes Benz yet, or taking big titted blonds out to lunch. Michael Raven was king of the hill at the time but Scott wanted it so he profiled Michael Raven. How do I take Michael Raven down. How do I explain to David Sturman that when I come in we’ll do this and do that.

“We know about the shenanigans at Jill Kelly Productions. Everyone knows about them. It’s like the biggest joke of all. And this happened in one swoop- Scott Justice who did not own property and had bad credit- went from Production Manager to overpaid GM at Sin City. In one swoop he had absolute power.

“After about a year he got focused. He got a snazzy new Mercedes. He got some jewelry and had extremely fancy tennis shoes. When it came to tennis shoes, he was referred to as “fancy shoes”.

From the people he’s talked to, Skeeter says everyone’s in agreement that Barbara Olsen would do an unemotional job over at Sin City.

“She wouldn’t care if the girl has big tits and blond hair and low self-esteem and has a boyfriend who’s beating her. Just watch the budgets. This is not about a trick showing off and paying extra money to one girl just to show off.”

“Maybe this also means that Devinn Lane won’t be directing any more for Sin City,” Skeeter muses.

“And there was that crazy amount of money Scott Justice paid Brittany Skye,” Skeeter recalls. “I remember him getting so mad. He read that she was going to do interracial for Jules Jordan. And he was furious because he didn’t want his blond bitch who he’s cheating on his wife with- doing interracial. He even asked me how could I let my wife do interracial. And I told him the truth: how could I not? I think it’s a beautiful thing.

“He’d say I wouldn’t even let my wife talk to a black guy. I told him why are you mad at her [Skye] for doing that for Jules Jordan? First of all, Jules paid her a lot of money to do it. And he could advertise all he wants, but Brittany did interracial before that- a year or two before- he just got worked like a trick. Jules has been worked before on a girl’s first anal when it even wasn’t her first anal.

“But if it makes him feel good, more power to him.”

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