Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Manwin Isn’t Imploding; But Diane Duke Is

The podunk website this week put out a story that Manwin’s imploding. I guess that contradicts the one I’m hearing that Manwin’s invested a ton of money in a production rumored to have cost more than Pirates and anything Axel Braun has put out to date.

However the story that Diane Duke and FSC have failed to file their No On B campaign finance disclosures to the LA County Registrar has strong ramifications. It goes back to a card reading I did last year.

At that time I announced that Duke would be gone from the FSC by June, 2012. In making these predictions, I always hasten to add that you can’t put a time frame on these matters. Duke’s gone from the FSC. There’s no question about it. It’s just a matter whether she makes the decision to vacate or if it’s going to be done for her. The way this year has been going for many in the adult industry, I’m inclined to say it will be a health issue.

But Manwin imploding? I wouldn’t bet on it.

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