Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Maybe Running for Governor’s a Stretch But Rob Black Declares Validation

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If you’re not getting enough of Rob Black during the the day, he’s now got a two-hour night time show.

Black’s topics will be politics and non-porn issues of the day, but Thursday night he elected to go XXX with a call-in from yours truly about the Samantha Saint scandal. If you thought you had your ducks lined up in a row on that story, I think after listening to me and Black going back and forth, Abbott & Costello-style you’d be more confused than ever.

Before I came on, Black had this to say: “Today the two bibles of the industry hit the spin room and re-wrote, re-crafted stories,” announced Black.

“Mike South and AVN know that when I speak and say something, the president demands respect, a stage and within ten minutes AVN, ATMLA, Mike South all hit the air waves to make sure they could spin their version of their bullshit that I just called them on.

“In one fell swoop I was validated by the entire industry that, yes, the guy that Brooklyn Lee said flunked out of porn, that Bill Margold said will combust, that guy that his East Coast jerk off friend said was the plague of the industry, that Seymore Butts said was irrelevant- all the people that have gone on record saying Rob Black is a joke who talks to nobody and has zero influence, within ten minutes you got the entire industry to re-work their bullshit stories.

“The Zacaris have been illuminating this business for 40 years and it’s been taken over by your supreme, ultimate president of this porn America. Within ten minutes of me telling it the way it is, Mike South changed his story and AVN’s Peter Warreen had to hurry up and re-write their story.

“Then Shy Love who threw everybody under the bus had to change their story that they never endorse prostitution and that Samantha Saint is a complete and utter liar.”

Black said his reaction was like having goosebumps when you get your first kiss at the age of 12.

“All of these people today verified, clarified and officially welcomed me as your president. All these people today officially confirmed what I’ve been telling you for three months.

“We are going to clean up this industry, the business of sex and usher it into a new order. We are going to create a system that is based on a one world structure. Porn America, I’m here to take care of you. I’m watching out for you.”

Black predicted that 42 months from now he would be running for governor of the state of California on a platform of enlightenment and a new order of doing things.

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