Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Monica Foster Gets Props from the LA Times

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When it comes to the Richard Nanula story it’s hard to determine what came first, the chicken or the egg. All I know is Monica Foster beat all the porn bloggers to the hen house by revealing that the former Disney CEO and Miramax head was trucking with porn stars, notably Samantha Saint.

Today the LA Times did a piece [written by Daniel Miller not to be confused with the XBiz Dan Miller] on Nanula, but more from the angle of what bearings Nanula’s shenanigans will have on the fate of Miramax.

Interestingly, we learn that one of the company’s investors is Rob Lowe. Yup, the same Rob Lowe who appeared in possibly the first celebrity sex tape ever. Yup, the same Rob Lowe who was accused by a nanny of showing her his dick and the same Rob Lowe whose late father-in-law was Norm Berkoff, a porn executive.

With all that salacious background, I trust that Mr. Miller, who acknowledged Ms. Foster in his article, doesn’t stop where he stopped. Miller mentions that Nanula had sex on film with a porn actress but doesn’t mention Samantha Saint by name. It took Rob Black to open that whole can of worms yesterday.

Another interesting aspect of the Nanula story is that the gossip site first published the Nanula-Saint bedroom pictures but has since removed them.

Foster keeps them in circulation on and was contacted by Nanula’s attorneys to remove them as well. Foster, according to Miller’s story, told them she would if they made a public statement that the guy in the pictures wasn’t Nanula. In other words, till hell freezes over.

By the way, it was also The that broke the story about the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones having sexual relations with a 17 year-old high school student. Jones, in fact is in court this week in a retrial of her defamation lawsuit against the gossip site.

I’m not telling Mr. Miller of the Times how to write his stories, but his Nanula piece is missing all the key elements that tweeks middle America – hookers, sex tapes, porn stars, movie stars and cheerleaders.

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