Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Monica Foster’s YouTube Kudos to Rob Black, Katie Summers

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Cynically, you might call it porn’s version of The Home Shopping Network. On YouTube Monica Foster, will plug her books and projects but she also addresses issues of the day regarding the porn business.

Foster’s latest post includes kudos to Rob Black and Katie Summers but also asks a very nagging question: Why was Nik Richie who owns so quick to remove a compromising photograph featuring Richard Nanula and Wicked contract girl Samantha Saint but is having a field day with former Congressman Anthony Weiner?

It was Richie who basically broke the story the last time that Weiner has some serious sex/narcissistic issues all of which forced Weiner’s resignation.

This time Richie is featuring Weiner’s weiner in the raw, but in a clip that Foster runs from an Anderson Cooper show, Richie clearly states that he doesn’t post nudity, which is not the case in the current Weiner story,

“I really try to make an effort and I remove stuff,” said Richie who, in practically the same breath, says he’ll do it for a price.

And, as she should, Foster plugs the fact that her Nanula story garnered attention from Variety, The LA Times and The Hollywood Reporter. Foster adds: “When it comes to the Richard Nanula scandal now the public and the world understands that the foundation of the Los Angeles porn industry is based on illegal prostitution and escorting.” She’s making me a believer.

Regarding Black, Foster has this to say: “There is a man by the name of Rob Zicari who is known by Rob Black. He has a webcast, which he does every single day.

“Rob Black is interesting because if you think I have been relating some relatively astounding things in regards to the truth about adult entertainment over the years, I’m nothing compared to what Rob Black has to say.

“I encourage all of you who are interested in the adult entertainment sphere to watch his show, get to know him; he’s a bit raw. He’s a bit rough and harsh; he was actually arrested for obscenity years ago. He’s known as the bad man in porn. One thing I will say about Rob Black. He’s not bad, not at all.

“Currently there are studios such as that are 100% than anything he has ever done so give him a listen. Give him a chance.”

Foster also talks about the UAWA,, an organization which Black has put together.

“In time it will replace The Free Speech Coalition,” Foster predicts.

“Yours truly made the graphics. I think [this organization] is a great idea. People are thinking things through. If you are a porn star or an adult entertainer out there, if you’re looking for some people who have your best interests at heart, the UAWA is something you need to check out.”

Foster also addresses the fact that Katie Summers filed “a milestone lawsuit” against “a porn professional who didn’t disclose his HIV status to her.”

“I think this is fantastic what she’s doing,” Foster continues.

“She’s standing up for performer rights. Of course she’s getting a lot of backlash for it, but I think it’s great. I personally feel that if you’re going to work in the adult entertainment industry in any sort of capacity of one-on-one, you need to let the person know what your STD status is. It’s a sexually charged environment.

“Yes it’s professional, but the reality is it’s not that professional. I was there. There are so many instances I have not shared that happened to me when I worked in adult entertainment.

“What I do know is there are instances where people were sexual with me on sets, and they did not disclose to me their STD status. By God’s grace I’m lucky to be healthy, but it’s not right what these young girls are put into and it has to be stopped.”

Foster announces that she’s offered Summers a column on and Summers has accepted, and the first post will be sometime next week.

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