Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Now That Mark Spiegler and Peter Warren Have Opened the Can of DeCaf

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Rob Black, or rather Tom Byron raised an interesting question on Rob Black’s late night show this past Friday. What with all the contradictory Mark Spiegler statements and alibis regarding Spiegler’s flimsy Richard Nanula story one vital question was overlooked in AVN’s attempt at a cover up.

Said Black: “Tom Byron looked at me and proceeded to ask me when you’re breaking down the big name production companies and directors, what big name company has a big name director that performs in his own scenes and shoots the entire movie from a tripod from a bathroom to a bedroom?

“I go holy shit, Fredo, I never really thought about that,” Black continued.

“Goddamn how did I overlook that? We sat there and we said okay big name companies that – hmm – Jules Jordan? Nah. Jay Sin? Nah. Manuel Ferrara? Nah. Jonni Darko? Erik Everhard?

“Mark Spiegler and Peter Warren – you bring up a far better question. We know your girls all do privates, Mark. There might be some powerhouse studios that show up two hours late, shoot the entire scene on a tripod and at the end of the scene you say I thought something was weird because they gave me a location for free.

“A big studio director was worried about paying $200 for a location free? Tim Van Swine is close to POV where he fucks Kimberly Kane with his 350 pound walrus body. Swiney is a good dude, a great dude. He’s one of those people who worked for me, got money from me and paid his dues.

“He rose to the top of the chain and has never forgotten to be cordial. I know Van Swiney ain’t doing that so that takes out the Jules Jordan crew. I’m pretty sure at Evil Angel- I would hope the good folks over there – aren’t part of running hooker games.

“The director would have to be part of the scam,” Black concludes.

“I got to imagine it isn’t Evil Angel or Elegant. I know Pat and Carlos aren’t going to let a director shoot an entire scene on a tripod. It’s not them.

“Spiegs, I’ve eliminated the top studios with the top directors so who have I missed? Who is the top studio with a top director/performer that is performing with a camera entirely on a tripod? This is an amazing story, guys.

“C’mon, please. Doesn’t anybody out there want to know what big company with a big director/performer that shows up to Richard Nanula’s house two hours late and has no idea the dude is a pervert, and the big name director is so big name broke, that yeah, I get to save on location, yeah.

“Mark Spiegler, you and Peter Warren have awesomely now thrown your hat in the wringer of lies. Let’s get all of our bullshit not straight. Mix the white with the colors which are mixed with the blacks then the blacks with the pinks and it’s not going to get back to a nice white shirt.

“Liars led by liars and more liars. You have a lying thieving scumbag agent who is butt buddies with the AVN writer/mark and them two together concoct a story that now asks the question who is the big name studio and big name director/performer that was involved in this shoot?

“This is a director who puts performers lives at risk because he couldn’t afford a $200 location. Peter Warren, little bitch, I thought you guys were supposed to be smart. I’m the guy who flunked out of porn, so much, that you two geniuses together concoct a story that have ensnarled somebody else in their bullshit.

“George, don’t you say to Mark your business partner that someone’s going to know you’re lying? Why would you not tell your partner to shut the fuck up. I guess to each his own.

“Spieglerooski, you and the Petester have introduced a whole new question. Who is this mystery director? That’s the question we all want to know. My hat’s off to you for bringing up a story that was dead for the time being and now brings in an entire company.

“Mark Spiegler, and Peter Warren, my hat’s off to you guys. You guys might be two of the biggest rats that the world has ever seen, that when you think you’re covering your asses in a lie, you’re essentially lying about the cover up and then rat out people from Penny Pax on down to some famous director that shoots their entire scene on a tripod and sets up shakedown hooker shoots.

“Spiegy, I’m not sure what Jewish Mafia everyone says you’re from, but the ones the Eye-talians ran, they would look at you… I don’t know.”

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