Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: On the Free Speech Elections, Does the Word Mandingo Ring a Familiar Note?

The Free Speech Coalition just had themselves an ol’ fashioned bandolero election.

When you have voting rules and deadlines that are sketchy enough, you get results that have to be accepted on a matter of faith. Ask questions and the guys with the drooping mustaches and six guns show up.

Isn’t it odd, isn’t it very odd that the two most vocal candidates – Amber Lynn and Mo Reese- didn’t win seats on the board? Why rock the status quo.

Amber Lynn stood for integrity, and Mo Reese ran a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington campaign. Had either won a seat, we would have had a Frank Capra movie. Instead, we have the same old porn flick made and seen a hundred thousand times.

The last time the Free Speech Coalition even remotely represented the adult industry performers was the last time there was a Night of the Stars. You don’t see those anymore do you? Neither will you see a porn performer on that board.

Want to know how Free Speech really operates? Watch the Tarantino movie Django. Diane Duke and her board of Kentucky Colonels just bought and sold all of you.

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