Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Peter Acworth Just Got a Venti of Mainstream Reality

When it comes to porn I’m old school. I want my women in black pumps not outlandish stripper heels; I like my porn execs teamster-tough and in matters like piracy, a Hillerich & Bradsby settles the issue.

Before it used to be an honorable Code of Silence, yet now we have a generation that runs to The Huffington Post or TMZ every time an inclination of a story hits them.

If Measure B in Los Angeles County didn’t serve a lesson, let me offer it again. The more mainstream publicity you seek, the more the mainstream will retaliate. It’s as simple as that. The mainstream will never accept porn just as it will never accept clergymen who take a fancy to altar boys.

Peter Acworth of just learned his lesson. Instead of flying under the radar, Acworth has attempted to be footloose and media-friendly, but in its report of Acworth’s arrest for cocaine possession, note that Gawker referred to Kink as Acworth’s “sprawling filthy empire.”

That, in a nutshell is how the mainstream press perceives the adult business. In a story to be posted later you’ll see how Nica Noelle also sucks up to the mainstream media.

Bad move.

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