Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Pink Visual Doesn’t Seem to Have a Problem with Free Sites

I notice that the Homer & Jethro website has been lambasting AVN good and proper with a volley of “fuck yous” because of its free tube plebiscite. I suspect the reason F. Scott Fitzgerald drank himself into oblivion was because he couldn’t write with that kind of finesse. But PornHub picked by fans as the go-to free site? That’s puzzling. What, no Dr.Tuber in the house?

I’ve got nothing against PornHub. Hell, I’ve got nothing against porn fans, but PornHub is the equivalent of a modern astronomer claiming to have discovered the craters on the moon.

As free sites go, we are way beyond PornHub. If any porn company should know, that would be Pink Visual.

While I may have my facts wrong, wasn’t Pink Visual leading the charge against piracy?

Yet, a random look at another free site,, which, to me, looks like a clone of PornHub, reveals the fact that Pink Visual is situated quite comfortably [see the ad at bottom right] over there.

This week the Las Vegas Weekly described the AEE Convention as a conclave caught in a time warp. Maybe that’s why Pink Visual got so little press. Whereas Homer & Jethro are fuck-you’ing 20th century style, Pink Visual seems to be hip, with it, and advertising on free sites.

By the way, someone told me that a monthly ad on one of those tubes runs between $50,000 to $75,000. Which, if true, comes as good news for everyone who thought piracy was cutting into porn profits.

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