Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Porn’s Six Degrees of Separation; Christy Canyon’s Old Boyfriend Owes John Stagliano $5,000

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At least from an observer/blogger’s point of view, the great thing about doing business in the porn business is the incestuous relationships that are built through it. It makes attorneys compromised, porn company owners compromised and especially the talent.

Christy Canyon who got taken to the woodshed yesterday by Rob Black used to be a contract girl for Mark Carriere.

Mark Carriere was the first Manwin in the business. He destroyed porn’s pricing structure by putting cheap, cheap product out there. Ron Jeremy, who used to direct under the name Bill Blackman, was Carriere’s chief cook and bottle washer in that regard; but, lo and behold, we learn that John Stagliano and the late Bruce Seven did a movie for Carrie’s Video Exclusives line- which was the real cheap stuff.

Stagliano makes mention of this on page 511 in the book The Other Side of Hollywood and that Carriere still owed him $5,000 from that shoot.

Interestingly, among all these swell porn company owners that Canyon kept company with, Carriere carried out swindle after swindle. He built his porn business on mail order and patterned his model after record companies. Carriere called his concept “Porn for a Penny”

What Carriere did was advertise outrageous porn deals, something like 10 movies for a dollar, except all it was, was a ruse to get your address which he in turn sold to other mail order outfits. By taking advantage of federal loopholes, Carriere was able to stave off customer complaints which in the end, they were going to get screwed one way or another. Carriere figured, like a lot of guys in mail order porn back in those days, that people who order porn won’t squawk too loudly.

Here was another Carriere trick. Under one company name he would advertise 10 movies for a buck, then send you a 15 minute VHS tape with trailers. Having your address, he would contact you under another company name and ask if you’ve been taken by unscrupulous shyster porn companies, and, if so, give these guys a try. Fooled and fooled again. So, in essence, Carriere was sticking it to consumers a second time.

Yeah, Christy Canyon hung out with some real swell people.

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