Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Princess Donna Gets Away with Murder

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The Atlantic has a piece debating the article about the Princess Donna shoot that was held on April 1 of this year.

I slogged my way through both pieces, read the readers’ comments in The Atlantic and walked away with one conclusion. That if it weren’t for porn being legalized in the state of California, Princess Donna would either be in a mental institution or in jail.

Consent my ass. I know this is going to sound as old fashioned and fuddy-duddy as can be, but if I were a parent and knew my kid were in porn and taking trips to San Francisco, I’d walk up to Princess Donna, whatever the circumstances, and go George C. Scott on her.

I’m talking about the film Hardcore which was written and directed by Paul Schrader, the same guy who’s going to subject us to the Lindsay Lohan-James Deen experience in The Canyons this summer.

You see, events are predictable and they’re recurring. Art more than imitates life, it presages it, and I will guarantee you that something is going to go wrong at one of those Kink shoots. Something horribly wrong involving cops and investigations.

I’ve seen some of these movies and when one of the actresses, Maggie Mayhem came out and described the abuses on set she was not some Screaming Mimi to be ignored. This is prime stuff for a murder novel. A porn actress is accidentally slain on a fictional shoot and a cover-up ensues involving the entire business.

You think the cops busting down doors and finding cocaine and handguns at the Kink armory was something? There will be worse, and it’s in the cards. I only trust that the people behind AB 332 see the greater harm, and it’s not about working without condoms.

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